DLC not installed

I just tried to play borderlands 2 on my secondary Xbox 360 and I get an error that my save data is unloadable because dlc is moving or I don’t have permission to use it.
I have purchased the season pass using this Xbox account and have all of the dlc downloaded on an external drive.
When I checked the downloadable content page it shows that none of the dlc I have is downloaded.

I do not own an Xbox one, I did not buy a handsome collection, nor have I joined any insider program (to my knowledge)

Sounds like your game licence got messed up somehow. You mentioned this was a secondary 360 - do you have the same game installed on another 360 under the same account? Just wondering if being signed in to two consoles and running the game under the same account at the same time causes a problem.

I would try refreshing the licence using the licence transfer system menu item, rebooting, and then going into your downloads history and “Download again” the season pass and its content items. That last step should be quick since the system will check if the files are already on your system. Just make sure that, if you have more than one account on the 360, you are signed in to the one that purchased the content and not signed in on another 360 with the same account.

Note that if you have other BL2 content (such as cosmetic packs or anything not covered by the season pass) those will need to be ‘touched’ the same way using the same account that purchased them.

I am using the same account, and already transferred the licenses.
None of the dlc’s are showing as “installed” including the compatibility pack which I have deleted and redownloaded several times now

The compatibility pack can be a pain.

You’ll probably need to clear the system cache (MS suggests doing that 2-3 times to properly clear any bad cached data). I’d also suggest you go into your BL2 folder, check for any older packs, and delete them (you can tell which ones are older as they will be smaller).

I would do a full restart (including the “disconnect power” trick) before attempting to launch BL2 again. Once it downloads both the title update and the pack, I would recommend quitting and restarting the game. Double check that the system has put the pack on the correct drive.

If that doesn’t resolve the issue, you’ll need to contact either Microsoft or Gearbox support for further assistance.