DLC not registering for my account

I originally was using a disc with all dlc’s being downloaded from my friends account and they registered fine but the disc didn’t work so I downloaded the game off of his account as well. It allows me to play but no dlcs register but they will on other accounts except mine besides his. I even googled and came across this thread DLC not available and tried deleting and redownloading the game and dlcs no luck I even tried doing the same with my account and each time the game would say this game was played on another system but wouldn’t give me the message that the dlcs were registered. What should I do?

Are you playing on 360 or XB1?

If you are on XB1, are you trying to use the backwards compatible version or the GOTY Remaster?

Xbox 360

Been a while since I poked around one of those trying to clear up lingering licence/DRM issues. IIRC though, the DLC will only be considered ‘valid’ if it’s associated with an account whose profile is currently installed on the physical drive of the console. Things get iffy if that profile is currently signed in on a physically different 360, which may be the issue here.

I think your best bet would be to see if you can get your hands on a working 360 BL1 GOTY, which would allow you to install all the DLC off the second disk. You’d still need the main game disk to play the game, but that should fix the licence problem.

I could try moving my account to the same drive as his because I have his on a separate drive. So I will do that and see how that goes because all the other accounts where on the same drive as his.

Hopefully that works. I do remember that the 360 was rather finicky about such things.

It didn’t work. Whenever it gets to where they’d pop up it’ll say this was user last played on another console. The last thing I’m going to try is delete my account and redownload then go offline before starting the game.

I don’t know if this is helpful or not: