DLC Observations

This past few weeks I have been playing the DLC’s as Moze at level 60 on PC . DLC 1 and DLC 3 were completed on Mayhem 3 with the second half of DLC 3 on Mayhem 4. However DLC 2 is a completely different story. I got completely blown away on Mayhem 4 AND Mayhem 3. I dropped to Mayhem 2 and it was still tough going getting killed quite a few times in the Dustbound Archives mission. This mission end boss, Empowered Scholar, was hard work but managed to defeat him on the 9th attempt. Has anyone else found DLC 2 harder than the others?
DLC 1 was good in that it was mainly battling Loaders as opposed to the Children of the Vault. However I really enjoyed DLC 3. It had an unusual storyline and some cracking weapons (eg Flipper, Unkempt Harold, Beacon, Bloom, Lightshow, etc) and I managed part of this on Mayhem 4.
OK I know that many of you will think Mayhem 3 and 4 are so easy, but for me a 71 year old wrinkly I am pleased to get that far.


Yeah, I think DLC 2 probably is the hardest one out of the bunch.

Nice! I mean, that’s what the 10 mayhem levels are for. Not everyone wants to play on m10 with godroll gear and so on.

I’m not a huge fan of the whole m2.0 system but this shows that at least for some the 10 mayhem levels are a good way to customize their challenge.

Did you play before m2.0 and what mayhem level did you prefer before?

I definitely found the mobs more spongy. That’s changed since recent buffs but they were surprisingly harder to kill at first.

What build are you playing on moze?
Have you ever tried to raise the mayhem level to 10?sounds weird but especially as zane and moze it gets easier if you go into Ironbear/clone. Fire in the skag den and mind sweeper get also insane the higher mayhem lvl gets.
Or if you don’t like playing as bear, ever tried a rocketeer com ?
What can really help in optimizing your build is to get known to the dmg formulas.
And last but not least you got my respect for playing an game like BL3 with 71 :star_struck:
I’m half that old and borderlands can be pretty exhausting and hard for me :rofl:

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DLC2 was released shortly before Mayhem 2.0 when everyone was stomping through all the content in the game like nothing so they might have made enemies more spongey on purpose.

I remember ascendent grawns (I think) being super tanky for mobs and Vincent is absolutely stacked with health

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DLC2 was definitely the more difficult of the three.
The enemies were tankier than anything except Anointed.
The Kritch are the worst non-humanoid enemies LoL.

My personal opinion is DLC3 had the easiest enemies, DLC1 the second, and DLC2 as the most difficult.

1 and 2 were from the prior Mayhem system though. In DLC3’s defense, Mayhem 2.0 really mucked everything up when gauging enemy difficulty.

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I found it the hardest of the three DLCs. I remember getting one shotted a few times by those flying heart things. The mobs in the library seemed particularly harsh. However, the final boss wasn’t too bad.

The boss where you spin around and shoot crystals was tough. That and I really hate jumpy jumpy crap.

I also feel DLC2 is the more difficult of the trio. Once I’d finished DLC3 & was asked abt it by a friend who’d not yet played, the lesser difficulty was something I mentioned. At M10, not that I find it easy, but not as difficult as DLC2 for sure.

That said, OP, glad you’re still playing video games at your young age :slight_smile:

Hey man don’t ever apologise for your age we are all gamers and we will all hit your age eventually just simple facts any one who rags on your age is a ttwt lol

and we will all hit your age eventually just simple facts

I dunno. Many of us might die of boredom before then, while waiting for Gearbox to fix the annointment system.

boom tiss

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