DLC Plan Update #1

Holy hell this is a good post!

2 DLC this summer, 2 in Fall, 1 in Winter. (IF all goes well).


Not really any information there. For example, do you HAVE to play the first DLC as Attikus? Very unclear what they intend.

Great post! And it lays the groundwork to stifle a lot of the people crying out for more updates.

The only thing I’m waiting to see (negative) is “STILL NO SCREENSHOTS?!!”, but you can’t please everyone.


Don’t mean to be negative but how about introducing a way to get skins without using platinum? A large number of players have been asking for it.


Does this really belong in this thread? I’m not saying it doesn’t, I’m just not sure why it would.

Edit: I ask because as I understand the thread, it is to talk about the blog post content and what’s coming. I could be wrong, it’s happened before :wink:

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during the dev event they said they have no plans to do so, sadly. I’m kinda mad that they don’t even consider making platinum earnable in game… it would contribute so much to the replayability of the game.

Overall: I’m glad they finally released a time plan, even if it’s vague. My mind is much more at ease now, knowing they are working on new content. I’m just wondering as well if the story mission are only playable with the character they are about??? I hope not.


Thats kinda cool. Look I hate to do this but I’m going have to be negatron for a sec. There is still no incentive to keep playing when command rank max and character rank max. Legendary gear provides little difference has they have been nerfed quite a bit and all of these new skins are pay walls.

In terms of the longevity of the game you need incentives to progress. The skins (equipment, armor, etc) are what have kept other games alive, kept people wanting to keep going back (much seen in MMOs) As much as this announcement is kinda cool, saw no incentive. I really don’t have much reason to continue to play even these new modes or operations/stories other than trying them once and seeing what they are like. You say " Each DLC Story Operation is a highly-replayable scenario" but why would I replay it? What do I as the player get out of it?

Just a little peace of mind to consider. Not saying earning new skins is the only way to go but it’s a way that has shown to work. Just remember why should I keep playing your game is the question you should always ask yourselves.


“The first DLC Story Operation features Attikus and his twisted recount of the thrall rebellion he led to overthrow his Jennerit oppressors.”
I’d guess this will be a story he tells. We won’t jump back in time to play it, we’ll relive his view of it.


I’m all for added progression and incentives, and have pointed that out all over the place.

That being said, the biggest “incentive” of them all, should be that the game is fun to play.

For me, at least, the game is a ton of fun to play.

This is a fantastic update, consolidates a lot of information that would otherwise only be available to the careful Forum reader, also provides some timelines.

While I can only speculate on the DLC, I’d say that it would be unlikely that you can only play as Attikus. Having 5 Attikus-clones running around the mission, while fun, might get a bit tedious. :slight_smile:


I would hope so, but it’s very unclear.

Oh man, Thanks for letting me know. bummer as this is not a F2P without any way to earn them in game. Welp it was fun while it lasted.

well, I think I should add that they have no plans to do so ‘‘yet’’, if I remember correctly. Might be a simple phrase to avoid saying ‘‘no’’ but well… maybe if we continue to complain they will reconsider haha
I still love the game, but as much as I love it I simply have no spare money to buy those skins (and even if I had I surely wouldn’t want to shell out money for all of them). Well, it won’t stop me from playing BB, but it’s… idk, disheartening?

No it will be more like the missons where a battleborn in this case attikus will be they similar to how in experiment is there bordul.
If you completed attikus lore it says there were 3 rebellions (the one where you have to knock up 3 enemies at once)
The first failed
The second a bit more successful with the help of jennerits on the empress side
The third lead by attikus and with help from the battleborn the most sucessful.
So from this and the fact none of the other campain missions make you only play one character apart from the prolog which was never meant to be replayable but so many people requested it.
That and they 26 chracter probably 27 when this comes out and 30 later on they not going to make you only play one character.


Sounds like good news to me. Might not be concrete release dates, but it is a rough outline so we know what is going on. It also sounds like the Lore Challenge changes are coming soon and some changes to most of the roster (hopefully minor changes to some with some overall reworks or quality of life changes to others). Not to mention Pendles.

I, for one, am pretty hyped. Now we play the waiting game.

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Here are the thing’s that won’t be happening (soon or ever)

  • unlock lore challenges via private matches
  • unlock platinum credit freely
  • offline mode

As for the Story Ops, I’m guessing the first one is the longest as they need to alter the UI in some sort (server queues, commander stats, ops selection, and stuffs). And maybe that’s why the 2nd dlc operation (probably Reyna and the Rogues, mentionned in the play with the dev event ) will be released soon after.

Based on what we know, it’s fair to assume that each faction will have its own Story Ops.

Story Operations do feel like it’s going to differ from Story Missions, and probably have it’s own selection screen, just a wild guess. And it seems like you won’t have the same Normal/Advance option, as the more you play, the more difficult it will be. They will be shorter (not 1h long). Skins and taunts will be unlocked the more you play them.

Yeah it is disheartening, I’ll still play the game but just knowing this makes me want to go support and play other games without the MT practice. guess all we have now is time to see what they end up doing.

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Well that’s really interesting that story operations are deviating from missions that they change slightly with each playthrough. Overall very happy with the timeline. Everything is planned over the next 6ish months which really isn’t a long time


That’s nice for the lore challenge change ! and the Attikus rebellion will be a mission with him I suppose.

I can’t wait Pendles ! middle July for season pass ? so 31 July for the rest ?

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Best part of this update:

Our goal is to release or announce new content every other week, starting in July.

Hopefully this means more detailed updates about everything.

This was a really good announcement and it would be awesome if GBX continued to do this in addition to the Battleplan. Having timing updates on the Characters and DLC would be fantastic.

Hopefully a Miko dlc!

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