DLC Plan Update #1

Character specific Story DLC based on the unlocked lore would be fantastic.

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If you think the MTs are bad, consider this:

If I want to play the DLC missions split-screen with my brother (one of the original selling points of this game for me), I will have to buy a second season pass (or individual DLC) for his account.

This is a bigger scandal and slap in the face to their fans than MTs will ever be.


Haven’t played split screen but that sounds very irritating. Defeats the whole split screen purpose in a way.

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Ok, MTs suck but this is really a rip off. Aren’t season passes usually shared between accounts? I’m the only person who uses my console so I have no idea how it’s usually handled, but that really sucks.


I imagine it will be like Algorithm or Experiment - BB characters feature in those stories, but you can play as whoever you like (including the featured characters once you’ve unlocked them.)

BTW, don’t know if you meant to have your email address out in the open like that but, if not, you might want to edit your preferences ASAP…

Aye. I suspect similar.

I appreciate the heads up! It’s fine. :slight_smile:

The BB season pass fine print specified “exclusive per account” (or words to that effect). A bit different from BL1/2/TPS for sure, but the game is also set up to work very differently.

This hasn’t been confirmed yet. While most season pass stuff is locked to an account, no one knows yet if you can join someone in their dlc mission or not.

Stuff is usually shared with all accounts on your home system, in addition to any console you’re signed in to, all at the same time. (I don’t know if the playstation supports the two-consoles-at-once thing, but they at least have sharing for all accounts on one console). So my brother can play, for example, Fallout 4 with all the DLC even though I’m the one who bought it. Or we can play split-screen CoD or BL even though I “only” bought one copy. This is the case regardless of a game being online only (example: Destiny) or not. Not so with the DLC missions for Battleborn.

In short, yes, it completely ruins the point of split-screen.

I’d love to be excited about the DLC announcement, but the bad taste from this shady practice will never go away.

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Well, specified or not… It’s still pretty much a rip off. Or to sound less critical… It’s at least an unusual approach to season passes.
If I had siblings/a partner who wanted to play the game together I’d be pretty pissed too if I had to pay double for every content that isn’t base game. Well, lucky me is a lonely wolf so no problems here, but sucks for everybody who isn’t a hermit like me.

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Again, you don’t know this yet. Someone who hasn’t finished the intro can join someone else in any other mission even though they’re all locked. I’m not saying you can, but I wouldn’t keep saying you can’t since you don’t know yet

Not true. It has already been confirmed on these very forums. I’ll brb with a link.

Edit: link to the exact post where it is confirmed to be all DLC that is account locked. Season pass concerns

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Since DLC skins aren’t shared either I suspect it won’t be different for SP content. Which sucks, since most other games offer shared content as long as you’re playing on the same console.

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I agree that this isn’t Normal practice, and it is due to all account info being tied to the gbx servers. But until I’ve seen gbx confirm otherwis (awaiting link), I’ve no reason to believe someone couldn’t join as you can join other people in missions that are locked to you.

Edit: link provided. Thank you and my apologies

You’re spreading misinformation. There are plenty of games where things are tied to your account on servers where you can still share with accounts on your home system. Not even GBX/2K have claimed this as the reason behind the account locks.

This, as far as I know, is a first in this generation of gaming, and if it’s not a first it’s certainly a huge exception.

Edit for your edit: no problem, and thanks for the apologies.

It is indeed. That’s not the way it works for the HALO games, for example. In fact, I can’t think of any console game that does per account season pass content. Maybe it was the compromise reached between the “F2P” and “fully paid” game factions within 2K/GBX corporate during development?

One thing I’m sure of: there will be a number of publishers watching how it works out very closely, since they’re all probably looking for new revenue models.

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While I agree with the fact that the season pass SHOULD be used across all account, I fully and heartily disagree that it “defeats the point of split screen”.

Neither I nor my friends who play have ever used split screen to share anytime but couch potato time, one of my primary selling points for BB was that it had split screen so that I could have my buddies at my place gaming alongside me instead of the extremely impersonal affair that is a headset. When we noticed my friend didn’t have access to all the cool stuff I did he hopped on bought the Dulex Edition when he got home, no qualms for him as we do not mind supporting such a fantastic game that is the first game in a while to sport split screen that is any good.

Again, I believe the season pass SHOULD be shared across accounteam, but by no means does this defeat the purpose of split screen


I bought the digital deluxe edition, with one of the express purposes being to play the game that I bought split-screen with my brother, with whom I currently live with. (Hooray for the boomerang generation!). I will not be able to do this for 20 dollars worth of the game I bought. It ruins the point of having split screen for the DLC.


Nice to have a rough timeline on things. Thanks!

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it doesnt but it takes away a portion while we already paid 75$ we shouldn’t have to pay another 20 so we can both play dlc. not all of us are hardcore pvpers my brother and i are more immersed in story quests than the pvp in this game.
then you see the cool extra skins/taunts to buy and your like wait i already spent 95$ on this game.
I agree with you i am not hating on micro-transactions either.