DLC playthrough issue

Me and a friend started the dlc together with him hosting. I had the mission accepted but not navigated to the casino yet. We played through the whole thing in two sessions today, as we have done with the main story together(with even more friends).

Got all challenges and trophies. We were only missing the debt collector trophy, so we decided to farm on our own and invite the other when he spawned.

I left his game, loaded mine, navigated to the casino and was confused. I had to start from scratch. The enitre map is uncovered, but no fast travel stations are available. I didn’t get a prompt as I did in the storh if I had already covered a specific mission on a friends system.

Anybody got any info on this, seen the same? Not too happy to have to do everything over again after spending all day on it

I can’t be certain what happened there but the same thing happened a couple of times to my son when he was joining my sessions when we did our first story playthrough. After seeing that I started having him log out of the game first before I excited the game and that saved his progress each time and fixed the problem.

Would make sense, he did quit the session which kicked me out when we decided to farm the debt collector on our own.

Very frustrating that I can’t farm now