DLC/Progression Question

First time playing BL1 after hundreds of hours in BL2; just wanted to ask when I should play the DLC’s. So I just finished PT1 main story line as a level 35 Lilith.
From what I’ve read, it seems like I shouldn’t play the DLC’s until I’m at around Dahl/Krom in PT2 due to leveling differences. So my question is:

Should this be my progression?

  1. start PT2 now
  2. go until level 42-45 ish and do the 3 DLCs (not going to play Underdome) from PT1
  3. finish PT2
  4. play the 3 DLCs from PT2?

Also, if there are some general tips on which DLC to start with, or good farmable spots, please let me know! I’m not sure if there are bosses worth farming for; from what I hear chests are the way to go in BL1? Anyway. Thanks everyone!

Here’s the Ideal Playthrough post, dating from back to the old vBulletin forums, just about any questions you have about playthrough order is answered there.

Well, that’s if you’re trying to stay on level.
Not sure if it mentions anything about claptrap backpack upgrades though.

Thanks so much!
I’ll check it out now :slight_smile:

Hmm. So I have checked it out, and get the gist.
So to have everything scale to your level like in UVHM you have to beat PT2 and all the PT2 DLC?
And I saw no mention of playing the PT1 DLC. Do you only get to play it once? is that why you save it until PT2? Or is it because it’s pointless/waste of time?

To get vanilla BL1, DLC1, and DLC4 to scale to your level in PT2, you need to enter the vault in that playthrough. Then all of those will be scaled to your level. PT2.5 isn’t a new playthrough, it’s the transformation of PT2.
PT2 DLC3 starts scaling to your level when you beat that main story line mission.

All missions are non-repeatable for any playthrough. PT1 DLC generally isn’t worth going through if you want to stay on level for anything in PT2. By the time you go through PT1>PT2>PT2DLC you’ll be near max level anyway. Only lasting rewards PT1 DLC have to offer are some claptrap backpack SDUs and two skillpoints.