DLC reception and expectations

@Jythri I know the DLC was released just almost a week ago, but you may already have some useful data about its reception. Did it meet Gearbox’ expectations or it did better/worse?

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I would assume you need more than one week to gather data.

(btw, it’s freaking awesome and can’t wait to play more)


I have yet to buy the season pass, but I am so tempted. Everyone really seems to be enjoying it.

This is not a condemnation of Gearbox or Battleborn by the way, its merely how I buy my games now.

I don’t buy on release unless I have played a demo/beta of the game, I wont pre purchase the season pass anymore

Unfortunately my focus has been PVP, which doesn’t entice me to buy the Season Pass. Plus with other games being released I may have to wait until I come back to Battleborn

Everyone really seems to be enjoying it? I suggest you look a little deeper. I have found opinions on this DLC very divisive.


Sorry I should correct that to everyone that I have communicated with, but I have not gone out of my to look into this deeply.

So I shall do some research before I part with any cash, thanks.

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Overall, most people do seem to be enjoying the DLC. It’s the patch that came out with it that has most people going back and forth.

Just like any addition to a game, there are people who embrace it wholeheartedly, those who don’t like it and won’t play, those that don’t like new things and those that simply wish it was something other than it was.

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Expectations vs results are something that I’m not free to comment on. :slight_smile:

I can say we’re watching feedback closely. I’m happy that the operation seems to be liked and that Face-Off seems to be liked. For me, at the end of the day, that’s the goal - to make new content that users like to play.

There are some issues we’re looking into, and as always with such big balance adjustments, some tuning that will need to happen week-to-week.


@Jythri Those of us who are enjoying it appreciate the extra bit of replayability we now have, even when Aria herself just decides, enough is enough and presumably jumps off the map to end it.

One of the key things I’m finding the Op does is give you a feeling like you are being rewarded for trying hard and remembering where all those Ops chests are. I like all the vanilla PvE missions, but they admitedly lacked that where like you could run through The Renegade and come away with nothing but greens and whites for 30mins+ of play time.

I’ve played a bit of Face-Off too, though my experience is probably a bit skewed because the Aussie guys & gals (ie @Ginger_greninja and @EdenSophia) are just gods with PvP but the gameplay seems fun as I like seeing a bit more PvE bleed into PvP modes.

Well done to you guys at Gearbox and I very much look forward to Kid Ultra and Toby’s Friendship Raid!!


This isseu!! https://youtu.be/3sLb38QrtcU im sure it had a point inside

Woah, DENIED!! I haven’t seen that one yet :open_mouth:

That’s really funny! Not a bug, though. :slight_smile:

You know what it is? It’s not another loot chest…it’s the lid of the first chest that pops over behind the column (you can see it happen if you watch the video).

Our engine cleans up random particles after a few seconds by shrinking them out of existence. In this case, your timing was just good enough to make it look like you used a chest, and that it faded out of existence. Pretty good trick.


O-o wow hahahaha oky. Thx for your time!

I love having such a frantic mode. Once in a while in Incursion I have a few spare seconds. In Capture I wonder if I should defend or move on. I’ve yet to stop moving in Faceoff. Great idea guys. Thw Operation is probably my favrotie thing in this game yet. And while the base game was great, I felt like it lacked that edge of your seat one shot terror, which is why I play games. And it’s so vertical that Marquis is amazing! I feel like there’s some bias there… ^ :open_mouth:

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The operation is okay.

The pvp changes are bad, but not so much on the character nerf buff side but the AI side.

I really like the DLC. Straight up still loving it even though I’ve replayed it loads now. I’ve got the season pass already, and recently bought the Digital Deluxe edition for a friend of mine because he really wanted to play it and it was on sale.

I reckon so long as the devs focus on just making content that the players love and enjoy, then they pretty much can’t go wrong.

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HAHAHA Yeah it’s what @Jythri said, and that is also something that happend to me.
The chest near the defense point next to the cage. I opened the one next to it and then looked inside the cage. I thought there was a chest there so a run back in order to jump into the cage. When i got there no chest to be found and towards the end of the mission i was still missing 1 OPS Point. So i thought it was that chest that vanished on me, and there for could never get the max OPS Points. Watching my recording i found out it got tricked.