DLC release? Are the season pass holders ever getting what they paid for?

I haven’t played in a month or 2 and still have yet to here anything on the dlc from the season pass holders was wondering if anyone has any info for me?

they are adding 3 pvp maps today, and another new character on august 4th, not sure what all you are expecting to find out about, just check the news section they have a lot of info there

Season pass basically just gives you instant access to certain things and you’ll be the only ones getting the new campaign missions.
And presumably instant access to the new skins and taunts

I’m talking about what the other guy mentioned the story dlc that’s exclusive to the season pass holders. Its been over 3 months now and still no word on the new mission with skins and taunts with the new dlc.

Here you can find a rough timeline of the DLC releases.

GBX does mention (and keeps repeating) that development can run into hiccups and thus have some delays.

well, they did say it would be about attikus’s escape from the battle pits or whatever, but havent said anything about release yet


Pendles (listed as mid-Summer) is coming next week. The first 2 DLC maps are listed as “late Summer”


I see late summer that kinda blows. I’m happy about the new maps but was hoping for the new dlc a lot sooner been waiting awhile for them.

Many other games take a long time to make new content like this. They’re releasing two in a presumably short period. They’re making new healing enemies and such and have to balance enemies and gear. Also play test and search for bugs and… You get the point.

Just to clarify: These DLCs will be available to all players. Season Pass just bought you 5 DLCs (~$5 each) for ~$20. It’s no VIP club, just a ‘5 for the price of 4’ deal. :wink:

The upcoming first Story DLC has already been revealed to revolve around Attikus inciting an Uprising amongst the Thrall on Tempest. No exact release date until now.

Pendles’ release dates have just been announced today. So, seriously, i don’t get your perspective about ‘getting what you paid for’.

The 5 story dlc is what I’m talking about and I think it was either the black or gold skins we got with the season pass. Those we paid for. Hence why I said dlc the campigns are dlc.

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