"DLC Required"? Help?

I, (I mod my saves) and imodded one, (keep in mind I have all DLC) and once I load up the game, it says I don’t have the dlc. If anyone wants, I have proof of having all DLC.

Sounds like a DRM issue. Was everything purchased/installed under the same XBL profile name? Had you transferred the content from one physical 360 to another, or replaced the hard drive (and therefore had to transfer the content)? If any of those are the case, try performing the licence transfer option (a simple google query will pull up the instructions if you don’t know how to do it.)

It’s also possible that you screwed something up when you last transferred your modded saves, Fair warning here though: modding save files violates Microsoft’s terms of use, and any discussion of such things is therefore forbidden here under forum rules - you’ll need to go elsewhere for help with that.

Closed, because hacking on Xbox is not an appropriate to for discussion here.