DLC skins unlock troubles

Anyone having trouble unlocking double skins when beating the new DLC mission with over 80 ops? I heard some people say that they got both skins when beating the mission with over 80 ops points but I only kept getting the 40 ops one and had to redo the mission for the 80 one. anyone else having this problem?

The second skins unlock at 85 Ops points


If you have 85 your problems are solved :wink:

I had 90 with Miko and only got the 40 ops one :frowning:

I literally just finished a run with Mellka. We had 86 ops points on completion and I received both skins (Xbox).

Miko is my next character to use, so I’ll respond back when I do it with…It. Maybe it’s just a Miko thing (if it’s not a platform issue).

Update as promised: just completed with Miko with 99 ops points. Received both skins. Sorry fellow BB, looks like you got robbed.

@Accursius13 You can use this to check how to unlock something and also check off what you already have :wink:

Thanks a bunch. this will greatly help keep track.

I did it with phoebe a bit ago and got both her skins. looks like yesterday was a bad day. thanks