DLC stages for new characters

I know it’s waayy too late for them to implement such an idea, but I thought it’d be cool to have stages inspired by the new characters that we could beat to recruit them to our roster. Similar to ISIC and Caldarius. Maybe a bounty is put on Pendles, but we find out that Pendles put up the bounty to see if the UPR could actually catch our slippery assassin. We could scavenge through a retro VG inspired stage to reassemble Kid Ultra (A lot of platforming I’d imagine) and have him fight along side us for the final confrontation. We could search Akopos for the last oasis created by Alani. Ernest… well Idk really. You tell me. I’d love to read you guys ideas for what they could’ve did along side the DLC character releases.

P.S. I would love a Nova simulation of the original Akopos. I love underwater/deep sea related stuff. :grin:


Great ideas! I had theorised that this was how the DLCs would play out way back when, five DLCs and five new characters one for each faction, it made sense at the time. You’ve gone a step further and even made a backstory for some of the DLCs which is pretty impressive, I like it!

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Thanks! It’s a lofty dream, but it would’ve been so great for the game’s PvE section and added more impact to the release of each character. Btw I love your new icon. Cartman is the best. We will definitely come at you if we catch you in PvP. lol Surprisingly, I have seen you yet.

I’d kinda like to see something along the lines of Ernest’s journey up through the ranks of the UPR. Probably a bit difficult to do, story-wise, but still really cool.

I also want to see something of Boldur’s point of view in the forming of the Woodsworn. I’ve done his and Thorn’s lore and there is a small mention of it, but nothing really goes into detail.

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I haven’t played PvP in quite a while, I took a break from BB but have returned since the op to play, well, the op, but I’m getting back into PvP as well. I’ll be rusty and red barring no doubt but I wanna get back in form before Kid Ultra is released so I can crush all the players who scramble to be the first to lock him in.

That’d be interesting. We could always use the Nova Simulation for Ernest to reminiscence about his early day of being a chick in the UPR.

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Alrighty. I imagine a lot of Kid Ultra won’t know what they’re doing truly, but don’t let that entirely fool you. It won’t take much beyond my current analysis of him to be sublime with him. I just need his mutations first. I’ll fight you with whomever I’m in the mood for though. “A wild Slif_One has appeared!”

It may be too late for the curent characters, but this is such a cool Idea that I think tagging the devs might let them implement this idea into the next season pass. (Of course it wouldn’t be about this years dlc characters, but the next season pass dlc charcters.)

@Jythri Can’t hurt to ask if it’s possible for the secondary batch of awesome heroes!

Manage to walk through some training grounds to show Ernest what you are capable of and convince him to join the crew)

This all could take place on existing maps (PVE or PVP) but with different enemies, obstacles and objectives. A kind of introductory missions.

Ooooo that’s an awesome idea! The stage would be fun too. Like Ernest Boot Camp.

If I go against you, imma take the infinity stun and then just laugh at your bleeding corpse