DLC Story Campaign Suggestions

While I’m sure you have most of your DLC content figured out by now, I have a few suggestions of what I’d like to see in possible future content.

  1. We have three planets for missions to take place on right now: Bliss for the UPR/Peacekeepers, Ekkunar for the Eldrid, and Tempest for the Jennerit. Doesn’t it seem odd to leave out the other two factions? Especially when the LLC have such a cool futuristic steampunk aesthetic to them. They could have some really cool looking maps for PvP or PvE, and it’d give more opportunities for fighting Minions, of which only appear on two story missions at present, and crazy AI giant robot bosses like Geoff. It could be a fully artificial space station or planet. Who wouldn’t want to see a Victorian Death Star?

  2. I mentioned the LLC not having their own world to host maps and missions in, but the Rogues deserve some love too. You could give them a small asteroid belt or the ruined remains of a planet. Missions could involve jumping between asteroids and planetoids to reach your objective and you could see the entire galaxy in the background. Alternatively, give them a giant abandoned derelict ship for fun ghost pirate adventures.

  3. My final suggestion is really a boat load of suggestions in one. Part of the premise of the game is that the factions within the Battleborn fight each other for resources as well, so why not capitalize on that with missions where one of the factions are the bad guys. You could have Raid style missions like Algorithm which everyone keeps asking for, only each boss phase could be a different boss version of a Battleborn character.

For example, say you have a mission where the LLC’s various AI go crazy and you have to rescue / snap them out of it. You could have a crazy Marquis riding a giant Hoodini that you have to shoot out of the sky while he’s sniping you, a mind-controlled Phoebe that summons animated swords and Ronin minions, a rematch with ISIC in an upgraded mech suit, a one on one match with El Dragon in a wrestling ring where the wrestler’s cybernetic arms have been taken over, and finally rescue Kleese from his own cyber chair that summons turrets and mortars.

Other plots could include Ghalt receiving orders from the UPR to secure a particular bunker and armory, and not for the Battleborn’s usage, or even an Oscar Mike cloning facility.

Or perhaps a mission similar to Sentinel where the Battleborn have to go destroy a sacred Eldrid artifact that the Eldrid have no intention of losing themselves.

Or the Rogues decide to go full space pirate and claim some ships as victory spoils that they have no business taking.

Or Deande seemingly betrays the Battleborn with the other Jennerit characters in what turns out to be a long triple-agent (quadruple agent?) scheme to get some vital info from Tempest.

And before anyone suggests it, remember that you can already bring ISIC to fight ISIC, Caldarius to rescue Caldarius, and Boldur to assist Boldur, etc. so we don’t need to worry about plot conflicts of having certain characters present.

Bonus: you could have boss Ambra and boss Oscar Mike count towards their respective lore kills and save yourselves some of the current controversy by simply adding a new way to complete those challenges.


Good ideas ! I really like the Victorian Dead Star concept. With The Marquis “Vader” ahaha !

But If it’s after Rendain defeat, Varelsi must take a great part of futures stories.

By the way, we don’t really know how the fight end.

There’s a fair bit of lore on the Thrall Rebellion, and that’s one I would like to see. Plus it would focus on Attikus, which is one of the characters that just has zero story focus right now.

The Rogues also need some focus. Currently, none of them are important to the story, unlike the other factions.

I also like the ideas of boss Ambra and boss Oscar Mike, though.

i imagine the llc mission being on a ship of some sort, that’s been invaded by varelsi/jennerit, and could follow opening halo missions. the rogues and detritus could serve as an open world affair with a few mini missions that introduce new enemies through doing tasks for reyna, getting help from orendi and toby, fighting shayne & aurox… but when alani was introduced at pax, concept art of dlc showed jennerit architexture so id agree with attikus, maebe rath introduction

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As I understand it, the Rogues actually inhabit the planets of the Solus star, don’t they? Most of them are natives, some were invited to be Rogues, and the other factions are essentially ‘invaders.’ But since the Rogues wouldn’t be able to take down Rendain alone, they can’t exactly refuse.

As such, the homeworld of the Rogues would likely be the most verdant world of the Solus system. They could operate out of some remote location on it, but I’d imagine that’s where they are. I can understand forgetting that Solus is theirs, though. It’s mentioned a few times, but often quickly brushed aside.

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My understanding is that the various people that make up the Rogues typically hid in forgotten colonies and asteroid belts where criminals like Reyna’s pirates could evade law enforcement and live free of other rule.

I was under the impression that the only planets around Solus at present were Tempest, Ekkunar, and some gas giant of which Bliss is a moon of.

It’s not like I have all the lore unlocked though and you may know something I don’t.


It’s mentioned in Reyna’s lore, I believe (including certain other places), that they’re the free peoples of Solus and they’re tired of the nonsense going on in their home system.