DLC Story Missions and Split screen?

Question: mostly aimed at the developers, but if anyone else has some info I’m all ears!

Will the dlc story missions be actual downloadable content?
As in will I be able to play them in split screen mode without having to buy it a 2nd time?
It sounds like a silly question but with the Moba esque setup of this game and all of the added content so far has all been “server side added/client side unlocked.” I am beginning to wonder.
The only variation being the new pvp maps which were free to all players.

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Believe it or not, no. All data is stored per account. It’s a server thing, I doubt it’s purposeful.

@epicender584 is correct. If you want to play the dlc missions split screen, both people playing it (I.e. Both accounts) will need to purchase the dlc as the dlc is account bound, not system bound.

@epicender584 @abobcolypse Actually no,I asked2k support this question and I’ll leave here the answer:
Hello Avi16200,

Thank you for contacting 2K Support! I have some good news for you, you will be able to play the story missions with your brother!

The Season Pass content is shared. However, things included in the Season Pass which are account-related are not shared among users on the same console. As such, your Hero Keys and bonus Skins/Taunts are available only to you, but the extra missions are shared!

I hope this answers your question! If there is anything else we can do for you, feel free to let us know!

Best regards,
2K Support


Oh wow! That’s great. Previously we’ve been told the opposite. @joekgbx , what changed? In any case, thank you!


Yeah I remember seeing multiple devs say differently.

I’ll probably send in a support question as well and see what answer they give. Once I have a chance to do that.

Well I’ll be damned. That goes against everything I’ve read so far about it. I stand corrected.

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Well it seems like I just got a canned response.

"Thank you for contacting 2K Support and for your question.

Although there is no information to release on future Downloadable Content, we appreciate the fact that you are interested in our games and recommend staying tuned to @Battleborn on Twitter and https://blog.2k.com/ for all announcements related to upcoming games."

I replied back to further clarify what I wanted to know but I’m waiting on a response.

Ok I received an amazing answer:
"Nikita G. Yesterday at 5:03 PM

Hello Ceboykin86,

I have some good news for you regarding your question about Battleborn! Yes, you will be able to play the upcoming DLC missions in split-screen. These missions can be shared between accounts on the same console and you will be able to play through them with your partner.

If there is anything else we can help you with, feel free to let us know!

Best regards,
Nikita G.
2K Support"


Hey guys,

I saw this thread and thought I’d go ahead and verify this info for you guys again. According to our team, the 2K response above is incorrect. All content, including the story missions, is account bound and must be purchased on each account.

I know this has been a hot topic in the past and I’m sorry there seems to have been some confusion again.

FWIW, I’ll make sure we do everything possible to clear this up so it doesn’t happen again.


Thank you. Good to know

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Thanks for the clarification. I do appreciate it but this is very different from how dlc was handled in borderlands games. Which seems strange. So any further clarification as to why 2kgames support is apparently misinformed?

I can only say 2K support is bad. So there.


I never play split screen but I feel so sorry for anybody who is pressured into buying a second SP just to be able to play with their significant other, friends or family.
DLC content should always be shared between accounts on the same system, everything else feels like a big friggin scam.
I don’t like today’s DLC culture anyway, but charging twice, thrice ect is unacceptable imho


I dont like it either, but they gave for free to ps4 the first mission and they are cheap.

With the time in btw the launch of each mission i can afford 5$ this month and save for the next mission.

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@Derch to the community manager who closed my previous threads- sorry, I didn’t mean to duplicate them, I had a glitch on my phone when I created them, and I must have missed this thread or I would have used it. my bad.

Just for everyone’s knowledge, in case it hasn’t been mentioned yet, regarding the “PRIMARY PS4” feature of the PS+ subscription, which is allegedly supposed to allow all users on the same PS4 to have access to the same content without having to buy multiple copies, this is Sony’s response to what GBX and 2K are doing…

In short: “We are Sony. We won’t do anything about it.”

Xbox one has the same type of features that ps4 has with the primary ps4 feature. But we are in the same boat anyway.

I took my concerns to Microsoft as well and essentially got the same answer. That it is a publishers decision how the game licenses work. And he directed me to the Xbox store page for the Battleborn season pass where they have the text (all the way at the bottom) that it is for use for a single account.

I explained that I was specifically lied/misinformed by the 2K/gearbox support 2 months earlier that I would NOT need a second purchase and my microsoft support guy basically said sorry.
The only possibly beneficial thing he did do was repeatedly say everything from our conversation would be documented and passed along to the proper channels.

@JoeKGBX is there any chance of possible clarification on this issue? I reopened my support ticket 3 days ago and have yet to get an answer there either.
I have never encountered any other split screen / local coop / couch coop game to handle additional story or map dlc this way.

Really I just don’t appreciate being lied to.


What’s your ticket number?