DLC Suggestion: Killing Lorelei and Claptrap

Perhaps some kind of Circle of Slaughter sort of thing where you get to murder them over and over again while Lorelei yaps endlessly at you to “get the power core” and Claptrap yaps endlessly about climbing the tower. I’d pay money for that.

Super General Claptrap shall live forever, infidel!




Lorelei hasn’t gotten onto my last nerve yet, Maliwan take down will likely be the deciding factor.

I’m definitely for replacing claptrap with grouse and sparrow though… Series needs fresh characters at this point.

Keep in mind Marcus is still holding onto a Hostile A.I.

I wouldn’t be surprised if that resurfaces around Valentine’s Day…

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Well, I’m willing to wait for further developments before finally writing off some of the new characters as merely annoying or useless. I think Lorelei and BALEX are growing on me, for example. With that said…

“Slag off, you wanker!”

Lorelei is one of the best character in this game, while I do admit they should have chilled a bit about the power core quest. Clap Trap is honnestly not nearly as annoying in this game that he was in the previous one

…I like her and the Coffee mission is my fav, next to that so very well done Childhood mission.

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“call that an offense, you sl4ggin w4nker”
“sl4g me”
“sl4ggin hell, it’s bedlam in here”
“i’m really from Britain you know, my accentuated accent really helps me stand out”
“and i say sl4g a lot without proper context”

Hating on Claptrap is like, so 2009. :wink:

I found it impossible to not like Lorelei after I heard her taunt “suck my d!ck!” at some Maliwan guys in the heat of battle. And also her coffee obsession which I can most definitely relate with. She’s a keeper. :smiley:

Replace claptrap with the coffee bot.
Can I… like… help you… or something?

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Rather than a quest to kill Claptrap, make a quest where we find a backup of claptrap’s vaulthunter program made by Jack for TPS enabling him as a playable character so you can play as him and kill him to your heart’s content… >.>

Just make it auto skip the tutorial so its past the step where you fight Shiv and make his quests trigger from things in the environment.

I actually like Lorelei generally and Claptrap is ok – but the game’s need to spam the same voice line at you every three seconds in certain missions drives me nuts. Turned off the volume during Beau’s “kill all the Maliwan” in the Dynasty Diner mission too.

Playable Claptrap and a great cup of coffee would be slaggin’ awesome right now!

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Marcus put GenIVIV in a shield: the Messy Breakup.