[DLC] The Underdome 2.0

How’s the Claptrap section/arena you mentioned you might do in the old forum’s version of this thread?

That map was only an idea at this point so I haven’t gone anywhere in that direction, but what I can tell you is that I have started the fifth unlockable arena and it is looking bad-ass and out of the normal borderlands element. I’m excited for it.

-jumps up and down in anticipation of “5th Arena”-

Sorry I replied so late, I meant show pics with weapon descriptions. (If you want to)

I will definitely do that, but I still have some tweaking to do with guns. I can do just a brief description for now I suppose, may take me a little until I get to that though.

That’ll be fine, I plan on getting a copy of bl1 for my PC soon enough, so I’ll possibly be able to play your dlc.

Keep an eye on steam and amazon digital sales, sometimes you can get the GOTY edition for about 5$.

Will be aiming for a few release sometime soon maybe within the week. This will include one new completed arena The Crimson Hall, I may also try to make a new gun or two or pretty up the already existing ones.

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I encountered quite the annoying issue when it comes to a certain quest in this custom DLC (which I am enjoying a lot). It’s that having the ‘Scraphole Showdown’ quest as an active quest corrupts your save in a way that Borderlands can load it fine but you can’t edit the save in WillowTree. I’ve tested the other quests that you can grab right after downloading this custom DLC and you can load the game just fine with all 3 of the others but when you pickup scraphole showdown you no longer can. I don’t know if you can after completing the quest but if you can I’ll give you an update about that soon.

Thank you very much for reporting this with as much detail as you have. I have had this problem too with one of my characters, but not being one to use WillowTree often I didn’t realize where the problem came from. I will have to compare this mission to the other ones and see what seems to be the issue.

I just finished the mission. Once you complete it you can once again load your save in WillowTree. No problem. I’m happy to report a bug no matter how small or big.

That is good to know that your saves aren’t permanently corrupt. I’ll do some bug squashing tomorrow. Hope you enjoyed the DLC otherwise.

I sure did. Looking forward to the next arenas you add. Also looking forward to Grimmjow’s weapons dropping as a reward too. Would be nice to get some of those while having fun and using a different shield.

My bad! ':slight_smile:

I had this issue too. I just forgot to report it.

Release 3 is up and ready to go! Enjoy!

“Mad moxxi’s vault” Yeah that’s probably an accurate description of the size…

in other news this looks badasser. good job.

Is it possible if you could tell us the going rates on GJ’s weapons dropping. I only did 5 rounds and didn’t see any so they must not be THAT high.

P.S. Moxxi’s Vault looks sweet. Would love to see what in there when it’s done with.

The rates are the same as the hardcore version of his pack with five chances per spawn to drop something.
I may change this depending on feedback from the community.

And thanks I made the texture myself, took forever since I am not at all a graphic designer.

I’ve made a special variant of the GJ shield for my Let’s Play. That one uses a LootpoolSpawningDefiniton which is right in between the normal and the HARDCORE GJ shield’s’. It’s LootpoolSpawnetcetc. is set to: 0.01, while the HARDCORE one’s’ is something like 0.002 and the normal one is 0.1 or something. Maybe you’ll need to set it to 0.01 because I’ll have to admit that the HARDCORE one is kind of brutal for some singular item spawns which only happen once every round. Even when you just use the HARDCORE shield against enemies it is an absolute bitch to get items… But hey! That’s what the community wanted!