[DLC] The Underdome 2.0

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I’ll run some more of the Underdomes and see how the rates feel after about 4 or 5 more runs.

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Hey @Dopefiend ! I just took a walk at the outside of the arenas! It is really awesome. : )
Eventhough I fell off of a cliff (my own fault lol).

  1. BUT when you go behind the sign of “Danger Canyon” you fall through the hole (seeing a few huts from outside “The Bog”) and you fall and fall untill you pass the spawn box (?) and then die. ^^

  2. The Bounty Board has 6 or 8 missions, but only 3 or 4 with title. The other half is skipped when you scroll down.

  3. Moxxi starts talking, even though I am not in sight!

  4. When the slot machines give you money, it is maybe too much. I need to check it out on Playthrough one though. People could farm fast for money, if they’re beginning their journey. Not a good thing imo.

  5. The music ends when entering certain areas and near arena signs - is this supposed to be like that?

The first two are important I think, the other ones not so much, but I noticed them.

Besides that… WOAHYAYZ! I am excited to do some rounds, and try out Moxxi weapons…!! :0 Everything looks really promising and amazing. It’s astounding already, all the details and new things. Keep Thirsty and the midget man, too. : D
(Btw, I may upload that bounty board thing.)

(Dopefiend) #43

Hey, thanks for the feedback!

  1. I see I forgot to add a collision to the entrance will fix that right away.

  2. The missions which are blanks are just unnamed pretty much making them place holders for other arena missions soon to come.

  3. The Moxxi talking while not around her is news to me though, what does she say exactly when this happens?

  4. Slot machines are suppose to cost money to play and will be adjusted accordingly once I figure out how that can be done, money rewards should also scale to player level.

  5. The only place ambient sound isn’t suppose to play is The Bogs zone in area if I remember correctly.

Thank you for the compliments I hope you enjoy the DLC. I’ll admit progress has been very slow lately, but I have a few more additions coming before I start wrapping things up with this DLC so any suggestions you have would be great.

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(I’m really sry for all the crappy PIC SPAM, playing at mega low end -_-")

So yesterday evening I just spent some little time at the entrance again! There are a few notes I’ve made while jumping around there. As always, the little negatives first, then even more good things at the end. : )

A little accident happened with the bounty board: I could accept the place holder missions, making them unaccesable for me now, but they are ready to turn in! Unfortunately it stays that way after going out and into the game again. (1)

Moxxi starts talking when you are exactly behind her, on the other side of the wall, when stepping foot on the divided bridge she says a final goodbye sentence. Moxxi probably says every line you gave her though. Not everything in a row of course. But things like: “Hello again, stranger.”, “I’ll be missing you, dear.”, “See you around, sugar.”, “Take it easy out there.”, “You need me again, sweet nips?” [etc.] <-what does the last one mean, pls. ^^ And what is that greenish thing between those strands of hair? (2)

Because of the music issue I also made screenshots for better orientation. In front of the big car, by the entrance, just that spot where I am standing. It is only the applauding that stops though. (3) Then when you go further and turn left. There is just a dead end, music stops entrely where I stand. (4) Also besides the Crimson Halls sign (5) and before turning to the Danger Canyon (6).

The good things:
You super secured the area around the Scraphole sign, totally can’t fall down!!! Not at all.
It is still possible to walk through the Lancers, I like that though. (7)
Also love the door before the Crimson Halls. It’s a minor detail I really like. Even more now, because I’ve been to the Crimson Enclave the other day after a loooong time. (8)
Moxxi is really hot and I like her dialogue. (9) etc. ^^










I also love this spinning thing, specially the sound of it. And that dark area… hehe.

This is great too… keep out of the Zombie Zone! : D

I do not know when I last saw a Masher in my game… so I bought it from Moxxi. Thx, dear.
It’s actually Lv69, but I have it equipped.

(Dopefiend) #45

Thanks for sharing what you’ve found!

  1. That issue with the missions should clear up once the new ones are added with a new mission name.

  2. Moxxi starts talking at odd times because there is a trigger which scans a certain diameter around her for when a player enters or leaves her trigger area. I may be able to change this with a volume, possibly something I can look into. And I’m unsure of what that green thing in her hair is I was wondering that myself.

3, 4, 5, 6. I think originally I made it so sound didn’t play in those areas because I was going to add ambient wind sounds or something like that, I will add that to my to do list.

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Just letting everyone know I’m still alive.

Oh and here’s a picture!

(Dopefiend) #47

Things are definitely progressing slowly but surely. This is going to be the largest, coolest and most detailed arena I have created so far.

There is one factor that I am stuck between is the cliffs and holes that you can fall off and into. Should they kill you or teleport you up and out alive? I am leaning more towards death since there are already mine shafts that teleport you and it adds a higher sense of danger to the arena.

Let me know what you guys think.

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I’m all for the instant death upon falling into a pit. makes sense.

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Why am I not following this thread already?

Anyways, excited to download this when I get a gaming PC. Still might be a long while, though. :confused:

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Looking great!

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Indeed it is. It reminds me of what those dwarven mines in the BL2 Tiny Tina DLC could have been.

(Angelbp7) #53

Hi, this is an awesome custom DLC! I love the Hearthbreaker. (: but I have an issue, the Zombies from the bog are not moving. Not even the ones in Dr. Ned’s campaign ): I had to delete it to make the zombies go back to normal. Know how to fix it? Sorry if my english is not very good by the way

(Dopefiend) #54

Thank you! As for that issue with zombies not moving in the arena or the Dr. Ned DLC is something I have never heard of. Did this just start happening when you installed this mod?

(Angelbp7) #55

Yes. I deleted it so everything goes back to normal. I don’t know if i’m the only one with this problem ): Any idea on how to fix it?

(Dopefiend) #56

I’m sorry I really have no idea what could be causing this… First thing to come to mind would be a reinstall of the game, but if it is only affecting while having the DLC installed that’s probably not the issue. I’ll let you know if I come across anything.

(Greybeard) #57

To Dopefiend

Back in 2011/12 my long-time co-op partner, cyody, and I did all the 20-rounders in the Underdome. We also played all 20 rounds in the original Scraphole ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mulgS1UTjEI ). We loved a bit of Underdome action.

Since then we’ve been playing BL2 & TPS. The Circles of Slaughter were great but never as much fun as The Underdome. Then, a few days back, cyody came across this thread. Neither of us had heard of your mod/DLC before. We loaded it up and yesterday we played all four of the 5-rounders.

This, sir, is work of the highest quality. Not only are the environments beautifully put together but the combat is very well designed. The Moxxi guns are wonderful. As A Plaguebearer, by preference, the Bad Touch finally gives me a corrosive SMG to rival the Combustion Hellfire. The carnage during the Round 5 Horde Wave in the Crimson Halls earned us a “Killing Spree” from Moxxi :smile:

Thank you for all the work you have put into this outstanding piece of Borderlands gameplay.

And today we start out on the 20-rounders …

EDIT - Correction. We almost started the 20-rounders. We’ve completed and turned in “Prove Yourself” and it no longer appears on our mission log. However, we can’t find anywhere in the lobby area to choose the 20-round versions. When we go back to any arena it only lets us play 5 rounds. Are we missing the obvious? Your help would be appreciated.

(Dopefiend) #58

Wow thank you for the big compliments, that’s what keeps me going on these projects and you are very welcome. I have never myself been able to complete a 20 rounder, I came close once back in the day when I played on the 360, but since then I never went back. It completely went over my head that I had to make a button or something of the sort to actually enable the 20 rounders, I will attempt to get this up and out as soon as possible it shouldn’t take too long. I would be very interested in seeing how these function on my arenas, they should work fully since all the code is in place, but if not feedback is much appreciated. I will let everyone know when I upload the new files.

(Dopefiend) #59

I have made a quick patch and added a button to toggle round counts which can be found as you head towards the arenas. I have uploaded this as a single file to make for quick downloading, just overwrite the old file.

Let me know if there are any issues.


Patch 3.1

(Greybeard) #60

Thank you so much for such a fast response. Both cyody & I have downloaded the patch. It now shows “Round x of 20” in the HUD. I wondered if I would spot the toggle switch. The very large “5” helped :smile: We’ll be getting together a bit later to give it a go.

Personally, I’m terrified of what the Elemental Badass Spiderants, in The Scraphole, are going to be like in the later waves. And Crimson Halls is going to be a nightmare from start to finish. I’m looking forward to it! :smiley:

I’ll report back any problems. Thanks again.

EDIT - Danger Canyon duly completed. Here’s our Round 20:


The biggest problem was cyody not being able to see certain assets intermittently. For some time he couldn’t see ammo boxes from the supply drop. More importantly, at the beginning of the waves in the last 2 rounds, he couldn’t see enemies. You can hear him talking about it in the vid. I was hosting and had no problem. I’ve no idea if this is your problem or “the game’s” but I thought it was worth mentioning.

A very minor problem was the area around the container and building near the shore. In the video, you see me get stuck but I managed to jump out. cyody got stuck behind the building and had to quit and re-join. Arguably our fault for getting there in the first place :smile: But I mention it just in case it wasn’t intended.

The up side of cyody getting stuck was that he lost his score when he rejoined. This is the only time you’ll see me with more kills on the final score card :smiley:

We’ll be attempting the rest of the arenas over the coming days. We’ll report back anything we find. Thanks again for the DLC and the quick patch.