[DLC] The Underdome 2.0

(haha - nailed it!) #121

thanks and sorry for picking things up but glad you find it helpful

my Moxxi weapon collection is now growing anyway - i now have:


Bad touch

Good Touch



non elemental type

in fact i have more than one of some of these - the spares are in the bank in case i do something stupid and drop/sell one by mistake :smile:

the creamers are handy as one of my current objectives is building up my launcher skill which at 25 is way behind the 50s i have for everything else (except 18 for Eridian which i may not ever fully sort as the weapons just aren’t effective enough - i’ve heard there are some orange ones but every one i find is resolutely green… :frowning: )

(3lolekmaster) #122

I see the latest release is from March, will it be compatible with the newest revision of Mr_GJ’s custom gear pack? Or it won’t?

(Dopefiend) #123

It will not have his newest content only what he had available at that time is what it will feature. If package names have changed or been altered since then it is likely that it will not work as intended.

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #124

Kinda like that yeah…

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wow… Awesome~!!!

very good!!!

(DarkSephiroth85) #126

Some quests does not have a name when i go talk with Moxxy,is it cause you still have to name them?Also it does not make me pick them up if i try to point them it just skip them like if they are not pickable.I did not made any screen,maybe i should to let you check better what i mean but i suppose it is cause you are still working on them,the dlc looks just perfect and the new arena you are working on looks so beautiful,reminds me of the dwarves mine in tiny tina dlc in bl2 wich was my favorite dlc in bl2.

(Dopefiend) #127

Thank you for the feedback and compliments! As for the blank mission names yes it is because they are unfinished once complete you will see the mission names.

(DarkSephiroth85) #128

So i have first to finish the missions avalaible and then the others appear?

(Dopefiend) #129

No I have not created all the missions yet that is why they aren’t appearing, they are just placeholders.

(DarkSephiroth85) #130

Ok,i had assumed it but i wanted to be sure.Thank you for explaining.

(DarkSephiroth85) #131

Ok,bug found(i guess).Im doing the mission to get 50 moxxy tickets with a friend hosting,i got disconnected when i was mid through the 5 rounds in the snowy map and i had 50/50 but since i got dced i got back in with 0/50.Now i tryed again solo in the same arena and tickets are not spawning at all at the completition of each wave.

Edit 1:I am tryng in the crimson arena and tickets are not spawning in there as well.

Edit 2:I had to achieve this mission using willowtree.I am now with the active mission of the 100 tokens.I am gonna test if tokens spawn with this one.

(Dopefiend) #132

That is very odd since ticket spawning is not dependent on if you are on the mission or not. Are they dropping from any other sources? Ammo drops? End round reward? Single enemies? And did you have any luck with the willowtree modifications?

(DarkSephiroth85) #133

All of every other thing in the maps appear just fine.Ammos and life drops,enemies,bosses,they all appear.The tickets dropped for me only when my friend was hosting and they were dropping for him as well.I have to ask him to test if when he play solo this issue happen for him too.As for the mission,i had accepted the mission and i had gone inside the arena to farm those since they are supposed to appear only while you are in one of the Underdome 2.0 arenas but when i tryed offline the Danger Canyon and the Crimson Halls Arenas no tickets dropped for me.I still have to try With the 100 tickets mission.About WillowTree,it has let me modify the mission objective to “Ready to give in” for the 50 tickets mission.Since i still did not tryed with the 100 tickets mission i can’t tell cause i want to first try if tickets actually spawn in arenas while having this 100 tickets mission accepted.I will tell you in few minutes since i just started Borderlands and i can try right away.Tickets are supposed to drop at the completition of each wave just like with ammos and life drops right?

(Dopefiend) #134

It has been a while, but I am almost positive they are suppose to. I might have to confirm that.

(DarkSephiroth85) #135

Test 1 inside The ScrapHole Arena:I have tryed inside The Scraphole arena.Everything seems fine,tickets dropped and as i expected tickets drops at the end of each wave just like ammos and life drops.I will test now inside the others arenas too.

Test 2 inside Crimson Halls Arena:@Dopefiend,seems like everything is working fine now.Maybe the glitch occurred cause i had disconnected from my friend hosting the mission when i had 50/50 tickets?This is a good question that maybe can’t be answered xD.For now everything working fine inside the Crimson Halls too.I will do further tests anyway just to be sure of everything working fine in the future and see if the bug happen again if i disconnect with the quest achieved like i did with the 50 Tickets one when i get to 100/100.Im also pretty sure it does let me achieve the objective for this 100 tickets mission using WillowTree since it let me open my save and the mission is present under my quests list tab too.

Test 3 inside Danger Canyon arena:@Dopefiend,this is working as well.Nothing wrong till now and everything going fine.I have only one arena left to test but i think it will go just fine as well.I can’t tell what caused the glitch in the mission with the 50 tickets before but with this 100 tickets mission everything appearing normally.I will not clear the mission yet and later i am gonna test if the bug occur again if i disconnect from my friend hosting as soon as i get 100 tickets.

Test 4 inside The Bog arena:@Dopefiend,with this one i finished testing if the tickets drops in the arenas.They are working fine in this one too and lol,this arena with zombies its amazing xD and probably the best one out of the 4 you made playable so far x:,well,later i will test if that little bug occur again.Until then,for now the tickets dropping fine.

(Dopefiend) #136

Thanks, The Bog was actually the first arena I made. :smile:

(DarkSephiroth85) #137

Its really amazing.Too bad there aren’t many zombie boss that can be set as boss in the boss round so i saw you have used normal bosses like in the others while not playng with the mission to kill specific arenas bosses wich i did not yet took.Anyway,im curious,i never died with zombies in Zombie Island DLC but do they instantly deplete your fight for your life time in there after downing you in the DLC too?I have let them kill me to exit the arena and after downing me they attacked me again and depleted my fight for your life time instantly xD.My Mordecai became a zombie x:,lol.

(Dopefiend) #138

I’m not sure why that would happen, I can’t say it has ever happened to me except for when going down too often.

(DarkSephiroth85) #139

I was curious cause i never died with zombies.I will test if they have this particularity of eating you alive depleting your fight for you life time in the Zombie Island DLC too xD,im pretty sure my fight for your life time was fine since i died just once from them ^^.

(Today, everything was fine in Opportunity and nothing bad happened.) #140

One of the little mechanics that make the zombies so fun (either in the Bog or in Jakobs Cove)! Any time they strike you while you are in FFYL it takes away an extra percentage of your time. Just like they are trying to zombify you after catching you.