DLC weapons available from Grinder?

My understanding was that the DLC legendaries weren’t available from the Grinder, but I’ve just come across a post saying they are. Are the DLC legendaries actually available from the Grinder? If it makes any difference, I’m playing the Handsome Collection version of TPS on the XB1.

yes they are, including shield and nades. the Proletarian Revolution can’t be received from the grinder though (as of yet).

you Need to put at least one new legendary ingredient in the grinder though to get new legendaries out. you still can get old ones though.

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So if I wanted the Luck Cannon, I’d have to use the “2 Legendaries + 1 Purple” recipe, with at least one of the Legendaries being from the DLC, before I could get one?

Yep. And you might get a gunerang/maggie/zim etc

Thats funny I put 2 of those revolutions in the grinder with a purple pistol and it refused to grind it.

Damn. I was trying with 3 purples. Thanks for the responses.

Prole revolution can’t be ground, nor can you get it from the grinder. You’re better off trading those, they’re rare (there are trading subforums here, don’t know if you ever scrolled down there :D)

I think that you can’t mix slots. If you were to put the two shields and a purple shield in, you should be fine, but for weapons, you need legendary weapons. So a Flayer, a Thingy, and a Purple Pistol would give you a chance of getting the Luck Cannon.

I haven’t had any luck yet getting a new legendary from the grinder.
I tried this combination 21 times and only got “6 vanilla legendary pistols” and “15 purple pistols” in return:

[ LV59 Fusillade ] + [ LV59 Disker ] + [ LV59 VLADOF Righteous TMP Shock elemental pistol ] = 6 vanilla legendary pistols and 15 purples pistols.

I guess I have to keep on trying other combinations.

try grinding 3 new legendaries. i get a new legendary out every second attempt.

getting the Flayer seems to work different though.

i ground me EVERY new legendary except the Proletarian Revolution, including Rerouter shield and Meganade.

Thanks, I’ll try that next time.

also, you can receive the Berrigan from the Holodome DLC now, by grinding new legendaries.

The only weapon not available in the grinder pool is the pro. Revolution… The Pro. Revolution and Flayer are the only legendary weapons that as of now can NOT be used as part of a grinder recipe…my personal opinion is to H-Source Farm Shadow trap… Guaranteed legendary… Good chance of some great purples(got a Doc’s Quad and Pract. Development in shock yesterday) and some great GLITCH weapons(Casual Ravager and TumTum MuckaMuck)

I think to get a DLC item output you need at least one DLC item input. The other two inputs can be from the vanilla game, though.

You’d be better off farming EOS. He’s dropped a luck cannon, a flayer and a kanedas laser for me in about 30 trys, aswell as a zim, viral marketer, omni cannon and invader. If you can find a quick way to kill him, his drop rates seem pretty good at the mo, but that might be coz of the current increased drops.

I’m still having bad luck getting a new DLC leg gun from the grinder.
I just finished grinding [ 3 - New Legendaries together x 25 times ] and got only vanilla Legendaries in return.
The New Legendaries I have are from vendors or from Normal Mode farming, but none yet from the grinder.

So I guess I next have to try something like what you are saying. Something like this:
[ New Leg 1 + New Leg 2 + Purple ] or [ New Leg + Vanilla Leg + Purple ]

its just bad luck. purples don’t and won’t change anything.

Ya I was trying that too, taking 2 longest yards and a purple shotgun and pistol to the grinder with 35+ runs now and no new legendaries, quite a few purples, a marketer, striker. Thanks for the info.

Did you say you used 3 of the new legendaries? I have 3 longest yards hit the grinder a good 20 times or so already, nothing but legendaries from the original game. A magma, strikers, a couple shooterangs, longnail, and 4 hammerbusters. ive yet to see a new one from the dlc. Maybe I should mix up the recipe, put a original legendary into it. Did you have to just grind repeatedly getting originals for a while, then a new one appeared or what?

Yes, I haven’t gotten one myself yet, but yes. We just have to keep on trying.
We just haven’t had good luck. Just keep trying, they’re not easy to get.
But to be fair, I haven’t had a really good chance to try that many times for a fair chance at getting one.

So in a way, I see the “Vanilla Legendaries” as the new purples.
We used to grind many times 3 - Purples for a chance at getting a Vanilla Legendary.
Now we have to grind them many times for a chance at getting a new Legendary :smile:

BTW, I could be wrong, but from what I’ve read, I think either one of these combinations should work:
1. [ DLC Leg 1 + DLC Leg 2 + Purple ]
2. [ DLC Leg + Vanilla Leg + Purple ]
3. [ DLC Leg 1 + DLC Leg 2 + DLC Leg 3 ]
EDIT: For the purples, try a Pistol or SG for a chance at getting a Cannon or Flayer