DLC Weapons No Longer Dropping

My first run through the Jackpot DLC I was getting the DLC legendary weapons dropping at a very good rate. Today, I played quite a bit on the DLC with my other three classes. I realized after playing that the DLC weapons are no longer dropping. Still getting the class mods and non-DLC weapon drops, but I didn’t get a single DLC weapon today. If I had just been playing a short time I wouldn’t have thought much of it, but it’s been dramatically different experience today than the first day for me, when they were dropping frequently.

Is anyone else having the same experience? Was there a hotfix after the first day? Anyone know anything about this?

its call bad luck?

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Played for around 5-6 hours today with a level 50 Fl4K (TVHM/M1), and only got a Rebel Yell and a COV fire pistol (not sure if that is DLC or not). On the plus side, I did not get yet another version of the Golden Rule like I did on Amara over the last two days - must have gotten 10 of those by now, and none worth using…

There hasn’t been a patch or hotfix as far as I know, so no change to game drops… Just bad luck and rng.

I went from about 15 DLC weapon drops to zero in the same time frame. So, that could be really bad luck… but it’s enough of change to be curious about other people’s results.

The “rng” comments aren’t helpful. If someone else who has put in some farming time has a similar experience, or has had a really consistent experience, it would be helpful to hear about it. Thanks.

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the RNG gods were smiling on me today. I got a corrosive Freddie sniper, 2 more of the new Siren coms and Amber’s smg & pistol in the mail.

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As far as I know I mostly got them from bosses, mobs would sparingly drop non dlc loot but I do remember getting a couple while I was running through.

I would say it’s just crappy rng if I had to guess, and only because my second session of my dlc pIaythrough I didn’t get anything to drop but COMs until I saved and quit.

Either way, good luck out there, if you’re on psn I could mail you some stuff if your looking for anything in particular.

I got a craps, an anointed dlc smg, and another pistol that rolls the dice, just sounds like Lady Luck wasn’t smiling on you friend. Have you tried rubbing a lucky foot of some kind?

The rng comments may not be helpful in the way you want… But it is what it is. I played a bunch yesterday, got plenty of dlc weapons. Played today, got dlc weapons. It’s rng. It sucks, you’re having a streak of bad luck, but that’s all it is. Stop playing for a couple hours, hang out with friends, get a beer, come back to the game. Problem will be solved.

They aren’t helpful because they don’t talk about trends people are seeing. Please don’t start an rng argument here. I’m just asking what other people are seeing. Thanks everyone who left comments about what your general experiences have been like.

What… Trends are just that… Trends. Doesn’t mean the game broke or got patched, or anything else. It’s just bad luck. It’s RNG. Like… That’s it. There’s no argument to be had about it. It just is. You’ll have better luck tomorrow or the next day. Like I said, may not be what you want to hear, but that’s all it is… Bad luck. I.e., RNG

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Surely the RNG is a result in part of mathematical balancing?

It’s not just random.

If I ask this question and 20 people stop by and say they had the same exact experience, then that means something. Alternatively, if 20 people stop by and say they all got 10 DLC weapons today, that means something. They hotfix the loot percentages. It’s not broken or a conspiracy… it’s sometimes in the patch notes… sometimes it isn’t. So, if people add their input it lets me know if I’m the only one having that experience or not.

What is not helpful is for someone to stop by a thread like this and make a generalization like “Hey, it’s rng, bruh… it is what is is… you’re just, like, having a bad day, man” (read this in your best frat boy voice for the optimal effect).

So, it has nothing to do with “what I want to hear”. I just wanted to see what experiences other people were having.

Try using this shield and a luck artefact. It has help incentivise my playing a bit.

I can use it to play M4 Slaugher Shaft - albeit with lots of dying… But it’s useable…

I’m getting drops… just not the DLC weapons. Just to summarize… first playthrough… DLC weapons… probably about 15. Later playthroughs… no DLC weapons, but am getting coms and non-DLC weapons.

There wasn’t a hotfix or patch since the dlc dropped. So, in fact, it is entirely perspective based bias. So yeah… BRUH, it’s RNG. Until there is a hotfix or patch to download, it’s RNG. They can’t stealth nerf drop rates without you downloading something. Bruh.

There have been hotfixes applied since the DLC.

I’m not sure 100% sure of that assessment, as online and offline rates of certain things have differed. I have no evidence on RNG, but it is conceivable that rates could be modified online without a patch or hotfix.

They are definitely sometimes modified in hotfixes… this is why people sometimes play offline to get the better pre-hotfix loot, etc…

The last commit was on the 19th there have not been any hotfixes since then.