DLC Weapons No Longer Dropping

Thanks… I appreciate it. The login screen shows the “hotfixes applied” sign… is this for the 19th?

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Yeah the DLC is a hotfix.

they drop but the worlddrops will get in the way :frowning:

yesterday the boss before the last boss (not going to spoil this) dropped the legendary skin… (from the main game) wich everybody allready has but keeps dropping :frowning:

hope they actualy fix the skins dropping after they are acquired

A hotfix is something that’s loaded in while you are online… I guess I don’t understand what you mean. The DLC is a downloaded update.

Wellllll, try going offline and using the new items. :slight_smile: It came with a hotfix. There was a downloaded patch as well but there was a hotfix with it on the 19th.

Yeah, there was a day one hotfix. Their patches and updates tend to come with hotfixes on the first day. o_O

The confusion with that is that with the “hotfix applied” sign, you can’t tell how many times it was hotfixed since then… but now I have some good resources to tell me when the hotfixes happen. :slight_smile:

was just farming for a skeksil (corosive) 0 legendary drops after 10 kills but what i did notice… it dropped skins the whole damn time…

i think something broke in the drop rates… (the cosmetic drops where broken in BL2 so why they are still broken in the sequel… that’s beyond me)

If you want good drops, play on MH4… I finished the whole game and DLC on MH4 and legendary weapons are seriously common. When I finish the whole map and return to Sanctuary, I usually have around 15 legendaries.

10 kills is not a sufficient number to figure out whether it’s bad luck or something broken. Even 100 runs with nothing could be just terribly bad luck.

yeah but cosmetic EVERY kill? that’s pretty broken imho…

There has been NO hotfix or patch SINCE the DLC. Ergo, there is NO way that the game has magically broken, or loot drops been changed since the DLC dropped. Without a change in coding, whether permanent (a patch) or temporary and online only (a hotfix), nothing has changed. To repeat: THERE HAD BEEN NO PATCH OR HOTFIX SINCE THE DLC. If you got dlc weapons day one, but not day two, and no change in coding has happened between those days… It is RNG. It is only perceptional bias, and you are having bad luck. That’s it.

I think it’s fair to say that for many anointed items overall the RNG is tighter than spandex on a 350-pound woman…

I used to farm Loco Chantelle for easy Nukem’s and class mods, but a day after dlc’s release, things aren’t dropping after every 1-3 runs. Feels like 4-6 now. It could’ve been rng, but it’s noticeable enough for me to switch. Recently, I’ve taken another character through the dlc and I find that the world drop rate for dlc gear to be the same.

There’s no version number on a hotfix, if that’s what you mean. There is almost always a hotfix to be applied; the contents can vary as permanent changes may be rolled out in a hotfix until they can bundled into the next update. There is, for example, still a hotfix that gets applied every time you launch BL2 since the last update.

Which seems to say that the “hotfix applied” sign has no meaning or benefit, and people are just as confused about the state of the game as always.

No, it does have meaning and benefit. Because the hotfix is downloaded, read and applied directly to memory, it is possible to actually button/key mash from sign-in straight into a session before this process is complete. Having the sign pop up tells you that this process has been successful and the hotfix is applied - no more guessing how long is “enough” time before you hit “Play”.

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Other than that, without using additional resources, a person can’t tell if there is a NEW hotfix with additional changes, what changes there were, etc… so, I would agree that it has meaning and benefit, but not much.

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