DLC "World drop" question

It seems to me that DLC world drops occur specific to the DLC. I.E., I can get a world drop of a Seein’ Dead as a world drop anywhere in the DLC, but it is also a dedicated drop.

My question is: has anyone done the math on farming world drops (same item and dedicated farm boss) on no mayhem vs mayhem 10? Importantly, do we know what the world drop percentages are for dlc items in each dlc?

Let’s say it takes me 4 times as long to kill the boss and load times are the tiebreaker…is it more efficient for DLC SPECIFIC ITEMS to farm them on no mayhem vs M10?

To be blunt: I’m farming for the best seein’ dead I can get and want to know if M0 or M10 is most efficient.

(Disclaimer: I ask this specifically for items that are not actually improved by mayhem…shields, CMODS…while a gun or 'nade might possibly be more likely on no mayhem, it would obviously be of inferior stats).

No input on the drop percentages, bit you can get seeing dead coms through scraptrap prime; also is infinitely repeatable in the same session

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