DLC2 Ammo boxes bugged

All the ammo boxes only contain Assault Rifle ammo, Grenades, health and occasionally a gun. Didn’t see a post for this in ps4 but pc and Xbox threads have one. Wanted to make it known here too.

I concur. Probably hadn’t noticed this but played this time as Zane (don’t need grenades).

This seems to be on all DLC 2 maps. Video example shows 16 ammo chest opened at Dustbound Archives and got 36 grenades, 17 assault rifle ammo and 15 health.

Edit: for clarification, this applies only to these new DLC2 styled ammo boxes. Other containers (cardboard boxes, trash piles…) are working correctly. Wooden DLC2 “bug eye” ammo boxes are OK too.

Same here. Grenades, AR, HP and the occasional gun. I think I saw shotgun shells in one of them but maybe it was from a different kind of container.