DLC2 drop rates

DLC2 has some of my fav drops… However the drop rates are just horrendous compared to other DLCs… What gives?

The DLCs offer a whole new level of inconsistency when it comes to drop rates. 1 and 3 have very good drop rates, most things can world drop, and most have dedicated sources that have good chances to drop them. 2 and 4 on the other hand have horrid drop rates and their own additional set of issues that just make farming frustrating. 4 has bullet sponge bosses that make farming per kill take longer than everywhere else in the game unless you have the perfect gear/set up. And then DLC 2 brought back rare spawns, something that the base game had done away with by the DLC’s release, and it has a lot of things that are world drops only. Don’t forget, at its launch, the Skullmasher and Cocky Bastard could only appear in red(?) chests, which was a very bizarre decision.


DLC3 is my fave. Good drop rates and a lot of god tier gear