DLC2 Drops Only RAKK ATTACK Anointments?

This DLC has some very strange and seemingly broken drop mechanics. Thus far I’ve seen only Rakk Attack anointments for FL4K. Not a single drop that I’ve gotten while farming or going through the DLC story has ever dropped an anointment other than something that was related to Rakk Attack. Would be GREAT if it was feasible end game build right now.

Not to mention, but what’s up with Anarchy drops? Whenever there is a high density of legendary drops, I can bet that there are going to be at least 2-4 Anarchy shotguns in there.

That’s just weird RNG for ya. I’ve seen all kinds of anoints.


This was from today and just one i still have from last night.

I do stand corrected though, I picked up a purple that was Fade Away … .>,<!!!

I scored almost all jump aniontments.
It’s good rng atleast if you can atleast rade yours.

True… if I could build a decent enough Rakk Attack build I’d be STACKED … but … I don’t know any builds and I really like the one that I’m using (Fade Away Crit build)

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I’m sorry I just looked at the aniontments and yeah that’s ■■■■■■ aside from the yeeti and companion, those would be fun in a Jakobs based build that used Twofang.

Yeah i do primarily use jakob’s in my build. Just would be great if i could get some fade away or after action skill damage buuuufffffffffs! :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s some weird RNG going on. I’ve gotten 8 Seeryul Killers, 6 Oldridians, 7 Flammas… none of the other ARs or SMGs or Shotties. I’ve also gotten coms for every class except the one I play. -_-

Update: In the last 5m I got another Seeryul and 2 more Oldridians. Lol. All with crappy anoints.

Yeah I really hope that the RNG gets fixed. I got the Oldridians, Flamas, Seeryul Killers and Anarchy 99% of the time. I do get some other things here and there, but it’s honestly really rare. Of course my biggest issue is not getting a decent anointment. Coms have been pretty good for me though, I have to admit.

I’m getting almost exclusively Digi-clone and Barrier anointments, but there again I am playing Zane, so maybe it’s just focusing on your VH

I’m sure it is… but it’s also only focusing on Rakk Attack as opposed to any other of the action skills.

I finally got a Soulrender… and it has an anointment for Zane on it instead of Moze. fml.

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Since GBX changed annointed stats (like Sntl 50 > 100 cryo) I can’t see ANY legendary with 125% fire for Moze.
I’m getting every possible annoint there is on drops but Moze fire one…
Before annointed buff they were dropping like crazy and now it’s like a miracle if I get one…
Spent 4+ hours to get Unseen Threat with 125% fire, Soulrender was easier, have 3 of those with 125% fire (One cryo elemental) but man… Did 100+ TTD and never saw 125% fire Redistributor…

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Just got this Soul Render.

And of course two more rakk attack anointments.

those are increasingly common ATM yes… don’t know if this is intended or not (i don’t play fl4k so i don’t realy take note of his anointments)