DLC2 my take so far with no spoilers

Like the first DLC, I wasn’t quite sure how the DLC was going to be until actually experiencing it.
Loved DLC1.
I am really liking this second DLC. The music is downright awesome and really sets the mood. The environment is fun to explore and really interesting. FL4K has some great new dialogue.
I have only just finished the first big boss fight, which I was pleasantly surprised there was a combination of mechanics involved.
I can’t wait to get back to it . Great job so far GBX!

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I know right! The environments in it are A+ and the somber vibe is so refreshing

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Yeah, they did another really good job with this DLC, imo. I haven’t finished it yet, but the boss fights have been fun, and the attention to detail in the environments has been well done.
(Disclaimer: I’m only running on M2 with my not-quite-optimal Moze, and it’s been pretty easy. YMMV)