DLC3 and Guardian Takedown look amazing

Just finished the Borderlands Show… oh my god

the eastern + western mix aesthetic. the teleportation and deeper interactivity with the environment. the character designs look so good! i was kind of hoping of returning characters to be revealed but i dont mind for some reason? im so grateful Matt Cox emphasized “we want you to feel like you’re the hero”. theyre really taking into account feedback.

the takedown looks like its gonna be better than maliwan too. platforming, puzzles, low grav. im so happy they’re branching out and evolving the borderlands formula. and its evolving the story too… im so curious to see what’ll be revealed here.

cant wait to jump in when mayhem 2.1 drops. what about anyone else? thoughts?


I never like platforming in this game. It doesn’t have good jumping controls (I rarely like jumping in any FP) and it ends frustrating me or else insta-killing me which is gonna super suck if it does that in the takedown.


Just to read that there’s platforming in it immediately turns me off. The overly floaty jumping in this game makes platforms a PITA.


The recent history of Gearbox’s add ons don’t allow me to get excited anymore but I do hope for the best while expecting the worse … that way I wont feel as disappointed when the next schlew of issues become apparent.

Hopefully the most sought after loot will actually drop scaled to your respectable level and will actually be obtainable from a dedicated source that actually drops their dedicated loot …

Im going to wait before I purchase dlc3 to see the reports if the loot actually drops correctly or not. Also waiting to see if the new weapons will make all my current weapons no longer viable before purchasing.


I don’t mind platforming. I always liked the extended jump sequences and verticality in map design in TPS.

Definitely looking forward to how they move the design and story along in both the Takedown and DLC3.


I’m not a fan of takedowns/raids, but the low-grav part interests me.
I’m looking forward to bounty of blood (DLC3), as I like western themes and dinosaurs. Bit mixed as to “original” ideas - narrator that we can’t see but provides details and backstory (um, tiny tina in assault on dragon keep, anyone?), hover vehicles that won’t let us use normal vehicles during DLC (um, hammerlock’s big hunt, anyone? I thought we’d get to ride actual dinosaurs, but nope.), and some genuine original sounding ideas like plants that have effects when damaged.
Hopefully, it’ll be good.

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I kind of expected the vehicle to be more beast than bike lol, would’ve been fun to travel around the maps on a saurian with chainguns on its head

they also seem to be retreading claptastic voyage and tina with DLC4, but i honestly dont mind since it very much fits krieg. i hope they “take a risk” and address his mental illness maturely

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I am of the believe that DLC4 as it is only came beyond the conceptualisation stages because of the community spamming the ■■■■ out of the “Maya needed a better send-off” and “Where the ■■■■ is our beloved meatgrinding Psycho?” threads.

They listen to feedback, even in the story department and even though it takes months until we get to see the fruits of their labour in the form of DLC, in the end we’ll see it. That’s also why I have immensely high hopes for DLC4.

DLC3 isn’t really my kind of setting (I’m more the Cyberpunk type of guy and not that big on Western) but if they are able to combine good gameplay with a solid story, I’ll still have my fun.

The Guardian Takedown looks great, although I’m not too keen on the idea of having to evade the area of effect of those big enemies. But I’ll manage. Also, I’m slightly concerned about the implementation of puzzles. I hope they don’t overdo it and go too far towards the Destiny approach and think of the solo players. I wouldn’t be mad if I missed out on some chests due to certain Puzzles needing 2+ people, but nothing major should be multiplayer-gated (although I think that they will make it all doable solo). The Guardian Takedown gives off very strong Destiny vibes for me, so I’m curious as to how they will expand on the story with it. Also, I want to know the new legendaries! And the Raidboss!

To;dr: I’m pumped.


Yeah, I’m pretty sure some people from gbx are disappointed with how the base campaign turned out. I’ve almost “forgiven” the story (except Aurelia, im never going to forgive that :sweat:) because they’re making sure the new DLC ticks all the boxes that the campaign missed out on. Player agency and importance, clear character motivations, and a more empathic cast. DLC2 was the best example of that so far. First person cutscenes!!! As much as I’m disappointed that not everyone made it in, I’d rather we get some “spotlight” DLCs like Krieg’s, Gaige’s, and Timothy’s like we are now than half-baked inclusions, before we get the old band back together. Sadly the 6 year build up to the war from TPS died out, but it seems they’re building into that again.

I’m sure the puzzles wont be anything too complex! k6 assured too on twitter that the takedown will be solo-able as always.


Haha, well this thread…
It was so hopeful.

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