DLC3 French voicing

I had a full run of DLC 3, waited until the french voicing was implemented.

Globally, it’s fine translation-wise. A few Echos are not translated, but the main dialog is here.

But what stroke me, upon reaching the story climax in the bunker, is that damn MARSEILLE accent.

WHY ? Why would in a space-opera/far-west setting, someone speak with that french regional accent ? It totally breaks the immersion !

I don’t have proper accent comparisons, but… Try voicing Handsome Jack like this, and tell me accents are not important for immersion:

Well… The english version has plenty of local accents, too, starting with Zane’s irish accent. The question is not whether or not an accent makes sense but whether or not it sounds stupid.

After TPS we know that Australians live on Elpis and not on Pandora (for the most part).

As an American, I couldn’t understand most of Presequel without subtitles until my third playthrough. Now I can understand Mel Gibson and Colon Farrell?


I like Marseille accent. Some good rappers from there

Colon Farrell! Hilarious! I think the pre sequel is New Zealand. Zane is a hybrid Dublin accent and Aurelia hammerlock is a non-uk persons idea of an English accent.

Nope, Australia. Now, some of the VAs may have been from NZ, but the majority of the NPCs were Aussies. (The game was made as the final huzzah by 2K Australia before being shut down)

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I’m trying not to judge but I’m Canadian and I’ve never had trouble with Australian accents. Watching the American dub of Mad Max feels so wrong to me.

Actually, it does sound stupid to have such accent for this character.