DLC3: I cant do my last misson. Plz anyone can help?

  1. before i did mission “kill rose and follow posse”, i went off and did other side missions, the game thinks i didnt finish the mission ‘follow posse’ therefore i couldnt do the mission ‘kill rose’ (Juno just stand at the front of the door and wont blow it).

  2. can anyone plz help me to fix this bug?


If I’m not wrong, Juno should have placed a bomb on the door and you need to shoot the bomb to detonate it. Does the bomb not appear for you?

Please avoid spoilers in the title :expressionless:

no. i should finish ‘follow posse’ then juno will place a boom. But as i said i didnt ride the motor after them and went off did other side missions, and after i return, the game seems like decide i didnt finish ’ follow posse’ therefore no bomb lol .
i dont know how to fix this bug

thx for the reply

Fixed the title and moved you to spoilers.

First, have you tried simply restarting the game? That often fixes issues like this. If it doesn’t, what you’ll need to do is post in the relevant on-line play section and find someone about to do the mission that you can join.

thx for the reply.
sry about the title didnt know

i did try restart the game but dont work, it seems the only way to fix this is a co-play situiation