DLC3 "Jet Beast"

So I was watching the Borderlands Show reveal about DLC3 and they were talking about the new vehicle “Jet Beast”. As I’m watching this all I can think of is…great, another worthless vehicle that doesn’t scale with mayhem and will disintegrate on M10 with 3 enemy hits and can’t kill anything? Is the vehicle scaling going to be addressed or is this new vehicle going to be as worthless as the rest? My assumption is I will be doing a lot of running without a vehicle…

I think vehicles have 300k hp now. So theyre ok now.

Played thr other day n didnt insta blow up.

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New Vehicle scaling will be added with that DLC.


As long as those beasts are somewhat fast I’m fine with that. I mean, Cyclones don’t have the most health but since they are fairly quick and accelerate quite well they are still perfectly usable on higher Mayhems. It’s only the technicals that suck because they are super slow, have a massive old hitbox and take ages to accelerate, meaning that a single cryo shot can more or less freeze them in place.



Gearbox specifically mentioned this will be addressed with the Phase 2 patch that comes out the same day as the DLC.


Thanks didn’t know phase 2 was coming with the dlc,super excited now

Same here. I love that genre and think it’s a really good fit for BL.
Also, can’t wait to seen what all the patch this Thursday does. Want to make an “Outlaw Moze” build to use in the next DLC and I’m hoping the this next patch will make it possible.

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Jet beast could be quiet interesting

I never use cars truth be told. I just spec into movement speed and “meep meep” my way across the map.

Other than being frail, I just found them really frustrating to control. The wheel like car? I love the look of it so much - Hyperion colours, spikes…then when I’m driving, i’m wobbling like a giraffe in heels. Dammit did I try and look cool but it was just easier to run.

From my playtime last night, JetBeast could be a fun vehicle. The initial one gets destroyed too easily. Apparently there is an armor upgrade for it I haven’t unlocked yet, but due to the vehicle and rider mobs you encounter early on, it needs some durability added to it.
I could win most one vs one, but the mobs make you do alot more walking than they should.

If you introduce a new vehicle, please make it useful and not paper thin…

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I was afraid of this. Even after the buff to vehicles I still get blown up really easy. I don’t think they scale well with mayhem.

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The issue I have with vehicles is that’s annoying to get in and out constantly…

In a new setting like the blast plains I constantly see new stuff I want to check out, or a group of enemies I want to engage.

I find it easier to just skip vehicles and walk it in those cases. Most of the time have a snowdrift equipped,and with the movement speed mayhem modifier I get around just as quickly for my feeling

Vehicles are only used if you have a linear path you have been before which I want to clear ASAP. Or as a teleport device to get your coop partner closer to you.

The jetbeast does handle well and is fast,and I had no issues with it being paper thing. But we played on mayhem4 or mayhem8 because we don’t want to spend time farming again for lvl60 gear.

They most certainly did not address this issue. You can’t even speed past enemies before getting blown up immediately on M10. Scaling is still quite bad for vehicles. Oh well…I guess I’m going to “Cross the Blastplains” on foot instead of on the Jet Beast the mission gave me to use but exploded immediately…