DLC3 Progress blocked: 'Riding to Ruin' mission (Cannot digistruct Jetbeast) SOLVED, update in Op

I’ve not been able to digistruct jetbeasts throughout DLC3. It wasn’t a problem until this mission.

My toon has had the 4 vehicle loadouts glitch for a while, my guess is this is part of the problem.

Update: This also seems to be the case on my other toons with the normal 3 loadout slots, so maybe not. (I have not progressed to ‘ride to ruin’, on this toon but on gaining access to the jetbeast, am unable to digistruct them)

Update: reinstalling, let’s see if that does any good.

Update: nnnnnnope.

Update: gonna try a side mission with vehicle parts rewards…

Update: looks like I chose the mission with a lot of walking…

UPDATE: that worked. I did the ‘money back guarantee’ side mission and can now digistruct jetbeasts.

Support tickets submitted.


I am having the same issue on PS4 and completing the mission Money Back Guarantee did not resolve it. I open up a digistruct menu and all option panes are empty.

The replies to my support ticket suggested, as always, clearing the cache and reinstalling.

So basically gearbox told you sorry the game you paid for doesn’t work properly go fix it yourself. Unbelievable.

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No, not at all. I have no idea why you would think this. fixed it myself during the exchange with 2K support, while they were trying to help.

Be happy for me, eh?

Also, this thread is for discussing this specific bug, rather than generalised griping.

Same thing was happening to me. Fully quit the game on Xbox One, not just exiting and jumping back. Jetbeasts are now digistructing.

It could be that a hotfix happened and my solution was just a coincidence, although I didn’t exit the game between completing the mission and it working. Weird.

Anyone else still having this issue I’ve done all the sife missions but still can’t digistruct the jetbeast… I even hijacked one and brought to the catch a ride for parts still nothing… Woot and came back in still empty in catch a ride… Frustrating

Please, submit support tickets on this:

Yeah, the catch-a-ride system seemed completely inactive for me- not scanning when I hovered over it and empty menus on use.