DLC3 Progress blocked: 'Riding to Ruin' mission [Workaround] (Cannot get in Cinderwatch Station)

I’ve had zero problems with the new DLC or BL3 since the update. Now I’m stuck near the end of the DLC. While standing in front of Cinderwatch Station with the posse. Juno does nothing more than repeat her dialogue lines. Sometimes the (It’s the end of the road…) other times general conversation lines. Diamond cursor is on her.

Cleared the cache, restarts, no luck. From other threads with issues, it sounds like reinstalling has done no good.

Xbox 1, All BL games on external SSD.

Suggestions short of logging a ticket with 2k?

Edit: Rather than follow the posse, I did some map challenge and side mission cleanup. The posse was already at Cinderwatch when I arrived. The “follow posse” objective is not checked in the box. I guess if you show up late your SOL.

Filed a ticket with 2k after posting the above last night.

6/29 Heard from 2k this morning and as expected they suggested an uninstall re-install. Did that this afternoon. No change. Updated ticket and attached video.
6/30 Morning, sent email to 2k support rep that ticket was updated yesterday. Evening, no reply or update today.
7/1 Updated support ticket with 2k this morning and requested some follow up feedback. No replay as of 5:30pm EST
7/2 Hotfix out and nothing included about progress blockers. 2k support still silent on support request update.
7/3 Heard from 2k this morning. Issue has been passed on to the Devs. A possible workaround in the meantime is to co-op with another player who has not done the “Follow Posse” objective and do it with them to avoid the blocker. Will give that a try. From yesterdays reply by Noelle in the hotfix thread, it sounds like this can’t be addressed until the next patch.
7/7 Got a character up to the follow posse objective on another login. had someone assist me in couch co-op to get the blocked character to arrive with the new character.
IT WORKED! :grinning: Follow posse objective completed for my blocked character.
Feel like I should have thought of this. :crazy_face:

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I have the same issue and tried all, nothing works and im stuck outside the station.

Until a permanent fix comes out, you’ll need to join the game of someone else running the mission to get past the blocker.

How is this marked as solved? The fact that you have to lvl a whole new char or join someone in order to progress is ridiculous. There have been a patch and several hotfixes since and still no fix for this major bug. I paid for an add-on I can’t even complete.


The OP changed the title of the thread since he found a work-around in his game. (FTR thread creators can do that.)

Hey Gearbox , Please fix this, if I have to play with other people I’d have to use real guns. That’s a bad joke, don’t take it serious. :gun: :pirate_flag: :australia: :sunglasses:

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I’m in the same boat. I don’t want to have to play with others online to fix this. The few times I’ve joined games online…well, I got to deal with some real douche bags.
This is pretty craptacular…just when I thought gearbox was making a decent comeback with a decent DLC…I may be done with this game for good.

I just want to finish this effing DLC…can you make this heppen GearBox?


I did it in couch co-op because I don’t play online. Was easy, give it a try. :v:

How exactly did you do it? I brought in a 2nd character and now we’re both standing here with our thumbs up our butt.

I brought up a second character to the point in the story where “Follow Posse” starts. I then brought my stuck character into that game. Using two controllers, I had someone operate the stuck character and we followed the posse straight to Cinderwatch so they arrived roughly the same time the posse arrived there. Had the new character talk to Juno and it cleared (checked) the follow posse objective in the hud for both characters. Just to be sure it was all good, I continued with both until they entered Cinderwatch, then saved and exited the game with the one that had been stuck. As long as you both stay with the posse and go to Cinderwatch so that you all arrive there about the same time, it should work. At least it did for me.

PS: If your new character was in your stuck characters game, you might end up with 2 stuck. characters. Same, if your new character wandered off or didn’t arrive with the posse.

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I can confirm this is still an issue as of September 17.

Wish the work around was simpler. I’m “lucky” I have a save from the morning. I’ll drop the loot in the bank. Switch to no mayhem a rush it but… Still wasted almost a day. :expressionless:

I had to drop down to NVHM and play the whole DLC again. My TVHM playthrough is still blocked. I had hoped this would have been resolved the the most recent patch. Sadly it is not.

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My secondary characters are still on normal. I did try progressing the story on TVHM and see if that help… Nope.
Time and expertise… I mean how hard it is to restart the sequence coming from Prestige by the gate?

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Also just noticed this is in the XBOX section. @Dr_Do-Little and I are on PS4. From my brief searches on the interwebs, it doesn’t appear to be platform specific.

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Doc, sorry to see you and @zer0blivion got blocked by this issue.
It’s sad that after nearly 3 months and how many hotfixes and patches, you’d think a progression blocker that affects most if not all platforms would be a little higher on their priority list. Maybe when GotY comes out. :roll_eyes:


My wife and I just ran into this same issue… this game is our jam, here’s to hoping they come up with a fix, and soon. We play games with one another over X-Box LIVE cause we live on different continents.

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I feel you here. My wife and I are both in North America but in different countries. Unfortunately several months after release. Wishing for a quick fix is like asking for thoughts and prayers. :expressionless:
I was lucky to have a save not too far back on a usb key (PS4). Which I understand is not even a possibility on xbox.

There isin’t much workarounds. Play on a different level, find someone on the same platform who did not reach that point yet…

I think I’ll start a new character and play the dlc up to that point and keep it in reserve. Just in case I can help someone in the futur.

Good luck to you both.

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Yeah and yet again, one month has passed and still no fix. They even announced to cut back on the hotfixes, but at least this remains very unfixed for so many people. I am tempted to, for the third time, fill out the feedback/bug form and just for the sake of it go through the automatic non sensicle answers
(restart, reinstall…) again, just to remind them we are still waiting…not that I have high hopes of it resulting in a fix…

If only they could just implement “abandon quest” like most other games. That would “fix” or at least pose a reasonable solution to so many of the bugged quest(lines).


Reported same bug here, I’ve had no update as well

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