DLC3 Random Screenshots Thread

There’s a ton of small details in the game, and DLC3 is no exception. If you find something neat, post your screen shots here.

Someone on the art team likes drag tractor racing - there are at least two of these in Vestige:

Ah yes… RIPPER, mate!

I really wanted to launch this and take it for a ride, but that didn’t seem possible:

Movie magic at work:


I figured that was a prop for a side mission that I hadn’t picked up yet.

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Thought the same, there are also some other ramps around town that are completely useless because from a gameplay viewpoint they don’t allow you to reach any higher location and such.

Seems like there were some things scrapped, I still can’t figured out how to open Melinda’s small safe under the counter.

Well I don’t know if these fit but here are some of the nonsense pics I took.

A testamony to Gearbox love for details. The skybox change during Ride to Ruin is consistent on all maps, even underground.

Edit: The bombs weren’t enough.


I wondered if this is Rose grandmother?

So apparently they don t like cowboys driving Technical around these parts


That’s Jurassic Park Easter Egg. It even has I like dinosaurs skin.


‘When my Beard Ends And I Begun’ :rofl:
I don t remember seing this book before


@GrzesPL There’s also the smashed Toilet from Jurassic Park 1 in Daisy’s enclosure :grin: I also think beside the nod to JP1 the car might be a double reference to the stucked plane from JP3.

BTW I always see people say you can get that skin on Eden 6 but I have never found it.

@olivier_shady Where exactly did you found the book? All scrambled notes I inspected were The Hunters again.

And regarding the painting I think Gearbox is mocking us players who miss Fiona, couldn’t help to think anything else when I found it myself :frowning:

Also I didn’t want to withold this little gem I just took:

Couldn’t decide between: The end is near, The Ruiner… has arrived, Apocalyptica or The Omega Man as a fitting title :grin:


There is one of these books here
Bloodsun canyon on the ground next to a washing machine looking thingie

Found another racing coffin in Vestige:

Interesting shell storage over by the artillery range:

Ashfall peaks next, and first a Skag Shrine:

Love the view:


Excuse me if this sounds really dumb but I believe there are 2 of this little soap cars in Vestige but I also believe you took a photo of the same one twice? It’s the building across the saloon, you can see the gamble place in each of your pictures.

The shell storage is the “Laboratory” that gets added from The Dandy and the Damsel if you got Gustav and Caroline together again you should wait in the vicinity a bit and the little Saurien I posted a picture of should spawn :grin:

@olivier_shady Thank you I will look for it later.

BTW In the little barn next to the church you can actually jump into a little alcove and behind the hay stack there is a tiny TV, a sleeping bag and one of these Pandoracorns pinata posing as a toy animal. Not sure if these are from another scrapped quest or imply that Juno has a hidden “soft” side.

You can also circle around the ledge of the cliff with the building you jump on with the first “jump pad” for a pretty hidden chest.

Will try to upload pictures later.

Edit: Oh and another neat little detail that is hard to get a pic of, but the big advertisements inside Pilfertown actually change to a little animation of bombs falling and under attack get to shelter warning during/after the big bomb.

@GrzesPL If I recall correctly there is actually another car on some other roof… atleast there are several ramps.

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Cause it is in fact the same kart :slight_smile:

I believe I mentioned earlier that I am completely out of coffee as of yesterday. And it’s too hot and humid to go over to the store just for coffee. You lot will just have to smile and be patient!

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There is a hidden chamber which shows us how Gearbox feels about COVID-19.

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First things first I hope I didn’t came off as insulting towards @VaultHunter101 or you @GrzesPL, I tend to over complicate things when all I want to do is just make sure what I wrote doesn’t comes off as snarky or wise ass. Because you know, internet and all that : )

Also, @olivier_shady found it! and another one, sadly I can’t make out sh*t on my XBox.

Well, while trying to mop up the DLC with my Moze I came across some oddities:

I stumbled across this…

Interesting is that this is the only time I didn’t finished the bean quest so I wonder if they escaped the caves given that the Obsidian Forest and Bloodsun Canyon are near each other… Fly my pretties! Fly!

Mmm, I wonder what Gearbox is trying to tell us here :thinking: . On the side of an outhouse.

The pole dancer during the Meatman quest has a Eden-7 tattoo.

Another weird thing. Didn’t do the Bella quest and instead of the normal little electro Bellik a giant radiation Bellik named Bellik Bill appeared :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

“The shroom brewed beer that induces irrational fear” lol. “Bitter sweet. Cold as a witch’s tit. One sip, big trip”


Not only can Iron Bear use the jump pads he also “fits” through the Telezappers, okay not this one because the walkway is in the way but the others.

Oh 2 legendaries, a artifact and a gun, a trinket and a head (not DLC one)

Iron Bear assembly, this way :arrow_right:

Bear on bear action… wait that came out wrong (and it’s a Wolf anyway).

Molten core.


Bearwoman watches over Goth… wait never mind.

(Sadly this particularly tub isn’t enterable, I wanted to write something about swim goggles already on)

And lastly the things I mentioned earlier

I hope you like these.


wasn’t Bellik Bill the one you are supposed to kill to get the meatman a head?

Yes, probably but in all my other 3 runs the head always dropped from a generic normal Bellik. Already wondered given Adi tells you to kill the biggest meanest one.

Then again Oletta tells you to kill the most dangerous Alpha Sauriens and they’re just a bunch of these tiny ones…

Oh and I couldn’t find the “other” car, maybe that was just in my head because the other ramp made from a picnic table :man_shrugging:

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ha ha ha I did not know you could kill normal ones, the time I did this quest I found this Bellik Bill and he dropped the head. Buggy stuff again prolly.

Ok, last batch. Just some silly fun.

Guys, what do you mean I took the wrong turn?

Oh yeah, I can totally get the artist’s impression and all that.

Hey there sweety.

Broodless knows no fear :mechanical_arm:

Is this my 4th pet?

Don’t worry boo, I’ll be back I promise!

Spider bear, spider bear :saxophone:

Just going for my casual afternoon stroll through lava…

That Lilith line, yeah you know which one.

Top 5 pictures taken before disaster.

Uh oh. Edit: Forgot this one!

Go Torkoal! Use bodyslam.

These aren’t meant for you. What do you mean you won’t talk too me? Get out of there at once!

Remember once the doors are fully open just grab everything you can and then run. Got it? Good.

I don’t really like these because there is to much screenclutter but I let you be the judge of that:

The residents on the roof actually “count” as the Psycho crowds from the main game :zipper_mouth_face: Yeah, you might wanna change that Gearbox.

*Zane’s behavior and opinions don’t necesarry reflect the ones from the creator of this post.


I love this floor decoration inside the bath house. I mean, I kinda wish it was symmetrical, but still, I find it quite stunning.

Also, I wonder what’s with all the green belliks seen inside pictures in this DLC. Are corrosive belliks a thing somewhere else on Gehenna? Or are these lost core-infused Jakobs experiments? We may never know…

An homage to the single tumbleweed found in the DLC (the scripted one that passes behind Titus shortly before he lets you into town).

I really like the snappers’ design (and the Ruiner’s one, of course!). I appreciate the snapping turtle references and, since one is also present in that “Old Crew” developer picture, I wonder what would that mean. Are they actually normal creatures from Gehenna that Jakobs twisted into the Ruiner?

Also, about the Devils: are they all genetic experiments? The ones that the Devil Riders have definitely are, since Matthew Cox confirmed it, and you can see core lines on their skin. But what about the wild ones (scourges, imps, lucivores etc.)?

Finally, a couple of random screenshots:

EDIT: Oops, I forgot this detail:

Vultures have a couple of colored dice dangling from their jockstraps.