DLC3: "the company" and related issues

My main takes from the dlc:
× Core is similar to slag.
× “Situation went south” was used in Zombie DLC of BL1. Again, Jacobs was involved.
× Bunker is similar to Wildlife preserve + Aperture Science + 70s interior design. I like it.

× Why Mr. Happily Married didn’t get to be involved? Some grey color to Wainwright could really enrich the character.
× “Body not found”. However “Rose enchanced by Core” is not an Invincible. :frowning:
× So, from the whole staff there was no soldiers that were left behind? I would be somewhat different to fight Jacobs mercenary leftovers.
× Jacobs always seemed to be weapons-focused corporation. It would have been nice to see a conflict between “traditionalists” and “visionaries”.
× who else has data about experiments?
× teleporting looks kinda similar to what Tannis does in the main story. Did Jacobs capture their own Siren or is it just a coincidence?

The dlc doesn’t seem to have any long-term consequences. My only speculation would be that there are analogues to sirens that use Core. That might pave the road to a “war” that could happen in BL4.

Yeah I probably need to play through the DLC again to properly work everything out. Could Wainwright have known about all this or was it before his time? Also, with all the Jakobs family working in the Company, is there a chance Rose and Wainwright are related, however distantly?

Well, Rose didn’t talk about her father, so there some room for speculation. Didn’t find any clues yet…

I think the only thing we know is that her grandmother worked for Jakobs and therefore may have been one. Rose could be descended from the Jakobs family.

While i agree that they could’ve add at least one Jacobs centered NPC in it, i can understand why they did not;

Putting Wainwright in this DLC whould’ve put too mutch focus on a character that (let’s be real) probably will not even be present or as important in BL4.
The same goes for every Jacobs related NPC, it whould have not helped the whole “Samurai Western” theme.

About the teleport it can also be just a science-made teleport…i mean, we have the New-U station that can even change the gender of the user in one tap. teleport seems to be really a “old” technology in this universe (i didn’t put the Hyperion revive station as a example because that is just a gameplay mecchanic, it’ not really canon to BL)

This is kind of a “problem” to me tbh, not that th dlcs we got aren’t good or anything like that but really…only the last dlc is a “continuation” of the story after the vanilla game and they didn’t tell us anything about what happend to Pandora or th NPCs after the ending. kind of a bummer…

i don’t think this will be part of what BL4 will be about, tho.
For what you can read and listen in the vanilla game BL4 will be all about the hidden Siren that apparently is really overpowered and exiled somewhere by her Siren sisters


When the elevator went down to the bunker I got heavy bioshock infinite vibes.


Yeah, one of my first thoughts was how much Wainwright knew about all this.

I can see why they wouldn’t want to include him in the DLC, he was already a main focus of the previous DLC. Another company could have been used instead of Jakobs, but none of them fit better into an old west setting than Jakobs.

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I was a little grumpy that this was a Jakobs enhanced DLC, since we just had a Jakobs enhanced DLC.

I understand Jakobs fits best in a Western theme, but I can make a case for Torgue weapons being sufficiently Western-ish for Torgue being The Company.
Also makes sense for me since Mr. Torgue was booted out of his company, and they may have already been doing secret weapon development without his knowledge. Well, without his knowledge is pretty much the state of Mr. Torgue, isn’t it?

As for the other aspects, yeah, pretty much a stand-alone DLC that doesn’t add much lore to the BL universe.

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There’s a good chance Wainwright knows nothing about this. It’s a project that was greenlit and eventually killed decades ago. Probably by Wainwright’s father, but possibly even his grandfather.

I do think an interaction opportunity got missed though. At the end of the adventure, having the Vault Hunter contact Wainwright with a “you won’t believe what I found” story could have been funny, or at least interesting.


Using S&S might have worked. Their going out of business could have explained why so much of the tech was just abandoned.

I sincerely believe the lady who gave us mind control plants was Rose’s G-Mum.

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Yeah, that crossed my mind too. It’s a possibility, we just don’t know.

Yes but sadly S&S munition was a really pour company, they literally used scraps from the Dahl junk they founded on Pandora to make their weapons, it whould be a tad impossibile for them to basically go search in the trash can for parts and at the same time have A WHOLE PLANET FILLED WITH EXPERIMENTS lol

I wasn’t aware of this? I always understood they made quality weapons in the original game? The Orion didn’t look/feel like a cheap knock up

If i remember correctly they talked about this in the GBX panel when they revealed BL3, they talked about all the MFCs in the BL lore

but again, a whole lot of time has passed, i might be wrong.

i think GBX retconned the S&S munitions lore at least 2 times, one of the reasons was this one, the other one (the one i was refering to) is about them leaving pandora because in BL2 Hyperion came to Pandora and they ran away afraid of being destroied by jack

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Might have been Pangolin or Anshin.

Research on unconventional types of weapons for mind-control, teleportation, etc. would pretty much fit in shields-only manufacturers logic, I guess …

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My personal feeling is it should have been Anshin, for a variety of reasons. I know a lot of folks are focussed on how Jakobs fits the Western genre of the DLC, but it’s not really a Western - more of an Eastern-meets-Western cowboy samurai mash-up.

Also, someone did post an in-game screen shot of a logo somewhere in the DLC which was very similar to the stylized ‘A’ of the Anshin word mark we see on item cards.

Ah well - another DLC in another game, maybe.