[DLC3] Vestige changes (list)

I thought that some of you would appreciate a list of things that change around Vestige.

Obviously spoilers:


  • Saurdew Valley: Will complete the farmers market (area where you fought the first Devilriders) and adds the Rancher.

  • Dirty Deeds: Opens a laundry saloon with Nettle.

  • The Legend of McSmugger: Opens a McSmugger fan shop.

  • Lost and Found: Will add Bella to the stables and she will fight along side you in the last town defense.

  • The Meatman Prophecy: Sparing Jones will add him to the gallows, preaching the ways of the Meatman.

Edit: If you don’t “spare” Jones he can be found kneeling around the market area, surrounded by Meatman murals. (Much thanks @Sarconimbus for this, check the pictures further down! )

  • The Dandy and Damsel: Getting Caroline to go back to Gustav makes them show up at a “laboratory” at the back of the stables and adds a single of one of her small Sauriens with guns. (not friendly)

Edit: Going along with Caroline’s proposal will add a wanted poster of boss Keem to town.

It will also add a Grave instead of the laboratory and you can talk to the mourning Gustav, instead of just Caroline.

  • Money Back Guarantee: Will open the generals convenience store (bug? no character for me) also your McSmugger poster will be in here.

  • Of Blood and Beans: Adds the Bean Queens restaurant. (bug? no character for me and door still closed)

  • Miracle Elixir Fixer: Might add a stand. (bug? no character for me)

Edit: Okay figured it out, the stand is actually only there the first time you visit Vestige (before you do the quest) after it there is a dumpster around the corner with Doc Stanleys belongings in it.

  • The Quick and the Quicker: Still not sure, can’t find Slim anywhere or the gravedigger.

  • Killing the creatures opens Ezra’s shop.

  • Each movie roll will add a new scene and more audience, that will form a movie you can watch in the theater. Also after getting all rolls “Now playing: Rampage of the Gorgonoth” will show over the entrance.

  • Killing the Devilrider targets makes them show up on the gravestone leading to the church, where you met Juno for the first time.

  • Meeting/saving certain NPC will add new dialogue from others about them. For example Ezra and others will mention things about Oletta like her age or past in the Company.

  • Defeating Rose also adds dialogue from various NPC like Juno or Katsuhiro.

  • The Ruiners head will take the place of the obsidian stone.

  • Edit: Probably after finishing Where it all started one of the Company family legacy plaques can be found, crashed in the roof of a building in Blackstone Plaza.

Edit: It also adds other crashed rubble on several roofs around town and other junk like a destroyed telezapper near the towns entrance. (Much thanks @Sarconimbus for this, check out the pictures further down! )

Nonde saloon

  • After saving the wanderer he will perform on the stage.
  • Killing the Bellik Prime will add its head as a trophy above the… counter.
  • Doing all the treasure hunts will make a secret passage useable.

That’s all I can remember/ found, if you have anything to add let me know and I edit it :slightly_smiling_face:


[reads in Mancubus voice]


Well that was my… intend :wink:


Ha ha! That guy’s voice is hilarious, and totally works here. That guy might be costume material for Halloween.

Also, nice catches! I think it would have taken me quite some time nosing through town in that DLC to notice these.

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Little fun fact: His voice actor is actually Arin Hanson a.k.a. Egoraptor of old Newgrounds fame and many Youtube parodies.

Nice work. I was hoping to see a list like this appear.

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Took the liberty of editing your title a little for the benefit of those who don’t have or have yet to run the DLC.

Nice list! Looking forward to completing this myself. I really enjoyed listening to the wanderer’s performance in the Saloon.


Awesome, thank you for your effort in putting up this list! :slightly_smiling_face:
Here are a few other things I noticed in Vestige:

…On the other hand, if you refuse to forgive him and drive him mad with guilt, he’ll show up in the market area, surrounded by Meatman graffiti. He’ll be on his knees, waiting for the creature’s imminent judgement:

(As a side note, I really like the subtext of this quest: because of our actions, the legend of the Meatman will probably persist and spread through Gehenna. Despite that, we can indirectly decide how it will forever be perceived, either as a merciful shepherd or as a vengeful cryptid. And, since the narrator mentions having been himself scared of the Meatman, I’m guessing the latter is the true ending).

  • After completing “Where it all started”, some buildings that have been struck by falling rocks and other debris will still bear them on their roofs:

  • I also found this derelict telezapper close to the town’s entrance; I checked and it isn’t there at the start of the DLC. I’m guessing it’s just a random one that got hurled there after the bomb dropped, and it doesn’t correspond to any previously active ones, but I’m not sure.


Thank you very much for your efforts, I was already wondering the different outcome for the Meatman Prophecy but given it was the only difference I couldn’t immediately find I wasn’t so willing combing the whole town for a single crazy mural or something.


This is what I meant by that, I know very bad description on my part. Very awesome find that it actually adds even more like the rubble and the Telezapper!

Now the only thing I couldn’t find are Slim and Josey from the The Quick and the Quicker side quest.

BTW would it be okay if I add your findings to the original post, I will ofcourse give you credit.


Oops, nah I just missed that, my fault!

Neither can I unfortunately, just like the missing NPCs you mentioned (General Marks, Bean Queens etc.).

Of course!