DLC3 Weapon Giveaways

These are all up, if you have a l60m10 Redistributor with SNTL Cryo I would love it but otherwise this stuff just needs to get out of my bank

ASE 100% weapon damage
Clone Swap +130%
SNTL Cryo +100%
ASE +100% Shock
Rak Attack +100%


Kinetic (1200x4) Killing Enemy +5%
Fire Phasecast +200%
Cryo 500% Elemental Nova

Yo, I would take that Rad CH Lightshow off of your hands.

GT- v Carpe Diem v

I’ll take the beacon off your hands with 100 ase. Sorry don’t have what your looking for but will keep an eye out for sure! GT yipikiya


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Just sent it along

Really appreciate it!

Would like that IB 125 Beacon.

GT DeadheadHix09


I got what your looking for. Do you happen to have a good elemental projector white elephant?

Hey, I’d like to take that Lightshow (Fire ASA 200%) off your hands.

GT: MasterPham III

My Zane would like to try out that flipper if you still have it, thanks!

Ill take that Cryo Flipper, ASE 100 Bloom/Beacon

GT is IXI Shyn3 IXI

I do not sadly. I will keep an eye out though as I’m farming away.


All the stuff was sent along. For Zer0 I swapped another Flipper for the one described since the guy right before you requested the one I listed. Hope it is ok.

As long as it kills stuff dead! You’re saving me time farming so no complaints here!

I would glad take the light show cryo SNTNL 100%. Thanks GT =Tom dot66

Very kind. Thanks so much. If available, please send the Fire ASE 100% rad. thanks GT=

Got it, thanks again

All good still need that redistributor?

Definitely still need one.

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Items sent