Dlc4 boss drops (or lack of)

Dlc4 boss discussion:

Please up the drop rate from evil Lilith. It’s a hard fight and to repeatedly get 0 legendaries is crazy. Really makes me want to turn the game off.

Who do you play as? I play Zane who is arguably the weakest out of all the vault hunters and found a couple of useful tricks.

One thing I will say is pay attention to you what you’re using. With Zanes clone, I have the new shotgun convergence with ‘swap places for 120% more damage (I think 120?). So I put my clone in the center of the battlefield and swap about with him there.

She does have a repeatable pattern at least. She always returns to the center and that’s good point to pump in damage while surviving the rest. And a team least after the firstborn immunity phase, the orbs can be easily destroyed for second wind.

Play moze.

Yeah I’ve learnt the pattern now, but flak gets knocked down easily. I’m just fed up of not getting any loot from her

I don’t find the loot drops that bad but I’m used to heavy farming. I’m happy to sit and farm a boss - such as the bunker from bl2 - and go 20 runs before I see a legendary. And that’s was mostly because they were worth that grind and also specific to that boss.

Anything you can get from Lilith, you can get elsewhere. So if Lilith is a struggle - farm a boss in the game who you can take down easier.

I got all my convergence shotguns from Brick even though it’s a benedict drop. Benedict was easier but I just had better drops from Brick.

Does the BSB smg drop from elsewhere? If so I’ll farm that

Farmed the plaguebearger yesterday for about 30 times. Went out with two with ASE annointments which vi don’t need on my moze… Was hunting for 300^90 in something else than fire. No luck, maybe I’ll try it tomorrow again…