DLC4 Crew Challenge Discussion

Has anyone been able to figure out what the nursery rhyme means? It definitely seems like it leads somewhere, once you collect all the fragments. Kreig even says he thinks it’s important.

It mentions getting killed by a skagg, a spiderant, and a rakk. Perhaps you have to purposefully die to each of the 3 in the DLC? Any ideas?

I’m not entirely sure though the only thing that comes to mind about a skag, spiderant and rakks is that they are all of Fl4ks pet summons.

I’ll have to listen to it again but it’s probably something that means nothing right now but will pop up in future content/the next game.

Nursery rhyme he told to his daughter, someone going to repeat the rhyme in the future (probably Ava)- community rage ensues.

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There are no Rakks in this DLC as far as i know.