DLC4 Sidemission/crew challenge help?

For anyone who has the Fustercluck trophy for doing all crew challenges and sidemissions, how many objectives are there for Benediction of Pain? Right now I am fairly certain I have all quests done, and have all the crew challenges done, yet the zone completion is at 87% saying I have 15/17 crew challenges. Just wondering what I may be missing.

You might be missing red chests, those apparently are counted as well.

Thanks, that wasn’t it though. But for anyone else who may be stuck, for me at least it turned out to be an unmarked quest in Sapphire’s Run.

I just got it. I thought I was just missing red chests but after that I realized there was still a sidemission there that doesn’t show up unless you’re close to it. Have you done the side quest that has to do with… milk?

EDIT: Eh, should’ve read closer. You already got it.

Been wondering myself. I’m at 83%, I but I have all 9 crew challenges, both red chests, and fairly certain I’ve done all the side missions.

Looked at a list and all missions are familiar. Pretty sure it was at 83% before I did a couple missions and found the red chests. :man_shrugging:

Did you get the echo logs?