Dlc4 very bad boss mechanics

dlc4 bosses are quite borring. looooooots of hp, not rly good dmg, very easy mechanics and you just shoot several thousands of shells into 1 boss in MH10. especially dr benedict which is some abomination with regen full hp if u somehow didnt kill 1 of his minion… not even mention spongeboss which was just 5min with using all of my ammo

edit but dlc4 have a big + for environment :wink:

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I like lilith as a boss. Perhaps she will be my fav boss.

I think they are mostly fine, the only issue to me is it feels like level 65+ bosses have too much life.

riiight. dlc3 final boss 20s dlc4 final boss idk sth about 3mins

and comeone do you rly could tell than fe evil birdman mechanics are fine? tele->somebirds->tele->some birds->…->tele->some birds->dead

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Liliths 20 second flashy immunity phase is the only complaint I have with the bosses. Oh and Locomobius being a pain in the ass to get to in order to farm.

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I thought Lilith was the most annoying boss, actually. She doesn’t sit still. At all. I really go all out in min/maxing so my damage output was always enough to kill the bullet sponge bosses without it taking forever. Bosses leaving for 20 seconds at a time with no way of hurting them are more of an issue than high health pools, at least for me.

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You’d think in order to wear down her defenses you’d have to:
“Travel back to Sanctuary and talk to Lilith.”


That should be how you get through her immunity phase! xD

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I got to the end boss and thought something had bugged in my game. I was playing on normal M0 just to experience the story and get it out of the way. I 3-shot the previous boss and when I only did a minor chip with my M10 Hellwalker I just kinda froze.

I kind of liked the huge hp pool they have, that way we can have a hard time playing on M10, I just think their attacks are easy, like, even though they last forever, they are not a threat at all.

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I just ran another DLC4 playthrough with one of my Mozes to test Hornet. She melted Lilith really fast. The only reason it took longer is because of her immunity phases.

Hornet is really good.

Immunity stages shouldn’t be a thing haha I hated every single one of the bosses having one (appart jackbot… That one was OK hahaha you killed the bots and fought on)

I prefer both bosses in Guardian Takedown to the DLC4 bosses. More interesting environments and mechanics and not just a huge sack of hp.


I don’t know if this is a thing, but some times, when I log in the game (pc) it is tremendously difficult. Restart the game completely and it is fixed (for me).

Why are you talking about troy I thought this was a dlc4 discussion o.0