DLCs 2 and 3 Not Scaling to Level 65

Yeah, the title.

PC, Steam version, playing exclusively solo with network preferences set to offline, in TVHM, no Mayhem mode, all quest-content and challenges completed, most zones 100%'ed, or damned close.

The other add-ons (namely 1 and 4) scaled up just fine, but everything in GL&T and BoB is stuck at level 60, including the farmable bosses and mini-bosses.

Save/quits and hard-restarts don’t seem to do anything, and yes, I made sure the “Hotfix Applied” sign is up before entering.

Fix please?

I’d like to re-farm an on-level Unkempt Harold or three again.

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Turn Mayhem mode to 1. Probably fixes the issue with minimal impact.

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Superfr34k’s suggestion should give you a work-around in the meantime. Just make sure you avoid the ‘Galaxy Brain’ modifier if you want to farm bosses - it seems to have an unfortunate side effect on certain boss arenas with holes in the floor. Speed Demon is good.

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Thanks mates, will try that in a bit tonight/tomorrow(I haven’t bothered with Mayhem because of the constant buff/nerf ■■■■■■■■ from these clueless wonder devs, but M1 doesn’t look like it’ll really make much difference except maybe a little more ammo-use?)

I have this exact same issue with some characters, in non-mayhem TVHM. Maps on those DLC are stuck at the level my character was at when I first entered them. For example, for my main FL4K, the first couple maps of GL&T are stuck at 57, the next map encountered is stuck at 58 (since I leveled up in the meantime), etc. It’s annoying af. It’s just those two DLC; the vanilla game and Handsome Jackpot scale just fine. (Haven’t tested DLC4.)

I had filed a ticket, but it unfortunately didn’t get me anything other than the usual catch-all advice like verify game files, reinstall game, etc.

It’s some kind of glitched flag or flags within the save file for that character. (Side note: another bugged save file setting in my main Moze’s save file killed the red chest cooldown timer for her, so I can quit/save farm red chests with her. This bug I can live with. :wink: )

And yeah, turning on mayhem mode forces everything to scale to your level, so it’s a workaround for this issue (in fact the only workaround I’ve seen). I play at MM1 personally. I don’t like going further up the mayhem levels because I don’t like most of the modifiers (I stick with slayer or lootsplosion as those two have the least effect on gameplay) plus that really annoying issue where gun-toting enemies get unintended mayhem level damage from their weapons is minimized at MM1.

I’d rather just play on non-mayhem, to be perfectly honest, but this bug kinda forces me into mayhem mode for the time being.

It’s not a bug. This has been always like this in this game. Maps and missions get set to your level when first entering them. So you can outlevel them, if they get too hard.

On Normal mode, yeah up until whatever the zones cap out at.

They will then, however, scale to your level on Normal once you’ve completed the campaign --This is how I’ve level-capped a couple toons now, by grinding NVHM Trials so I could then have level-capped mission-reward uniques for the TVHM play-through, and any lucky drops would be on-level.

The Trials always did scale normally (again, this is post base-campaign Normal VHM) too, as their initial breadcrumb quests are all post-story game.

This has not been the case in non-M-TVHM before though.

I’ve gone back into the first two DLC’s maps numerous times on two characters since the level cap had been raised a few times in a relatively short period then, and they’d always scaled up before just fine --at least, all the way to 60 anyway.

If it was always intended this way, then why does the very first add-on --IE, the one that was capped at the lowest cap (Lv 57, IIRC? Or maybe even 52?) scale up past that lower cap, and yet the next two (cap = Lv 57, followed by Lv 60) not scale, and then the most recent one with the heretofore highest level cap would (IE, the most recent does what you’d expect, but by your logic the first one definitely shouldn’t go to Lv 65)

If this was intended, then logically, going in order of level-cap increases:

Shouldn’t it have then been DLC 1 cap = 52 or 57 (whichever it was on DLC 1’s release, I misremember now) —> DLC 2 cap = 57 —> DLC 3 cap = Lv 60 ----> Krieg’s level cap now at 65?

Because what’s going on here makes no sense, like, at all.

No, I’m pretty sure this is either a bug, or a new “stealth’ed-in feature” that no-one asked for that was put in because…Reasons™ (because no-one ever woulda thunk they’d ever possibly do that, eh?).

Now I get it. Yeah, that’s weird.

The work-around described up-thread appears to be the only way to get around this.

Well, Speed-Demon + movement-boost skilled Zane is certainly amusing to play with, if nothing else.

Lootsplosion isn’t a bad choice either - good way to farm eridium so you can shop at the Veteran’s Vending machine for levelled quest reward items. Things do tend to get a bit more cluttered while mobbing though.

Yeah I usually stick with Slayer while playing FL4K. My FL4K is specced for Fade Away and just about every kill is a critical kill, and all those lootsplosions gets to be a little too much. :smiley:

This only on PC? If it’s a console problem aswell i need to keep an eye out in case

I’m on PC, I dunno if console is affected as well.

Alright no worries

I’ll see if my Zane can test that out tonight. He picked up the Gehanna bounty poster at level 60 but hasn’t used the drop-ship yet. Must remember to turn off Mayhem though.


I started GL&T on my level-capped Moze last week after finishing the base-campaign yet again.

Scaled up to 65 just fine for her. I still have to finish TVHM with FL4K (currently level 62), and still do TVHM on my Amara (level 60), and…Yeah, I can’t even anymore with that insultingly bad story. Sorry, but I just can’t.

Yes, writing matters in a game like this --BL2 proved it doesn’t even have to be all that original, it just has to have a great major character to anchor the narrative with, and then tick all the basic --like Creative Writing 101 level of basic, OK-- technical boxes.