Dlcs aren't working

So hi, my name is Logan, and I’ve purchased and downloaded the bloody harvest and the two ultimate vault Hunter dlcs. But those (and my compatibility pack) all say purchased but not downloaded. Which is odd because I’ve downloaded all of them multiple times, and reset my licenses and even cleared my system cache, but still after a restart it hasn’t changed a thing… Can I get some help with this because it’s not letting me play my dlcs? Oh also I’m on Xbox 360.

Moved you to the right spot.

Are there any other accounts on the 360, or just yours? If some items were purchased under a different account, that can confuse the license checks.

After you reset your licence, did you “redownload” the purchased items from the Download History? If they are fully installed, doing that just refreshes the information so it shouldn’t take long.

With the CPack, make sure you don’t have any old ones cluttering up your system (Storage > Games & Apps > BL2) - the old versions will be the smaller ones.

It’s probably the other accounts dlcs, but yeah I did redownload them from my history. I’ll check right now to see if it’s the other accounts stuff or if I need to clear an old version or two

When signed in, you should only download what was purchased under your account. You (or the other users) would need to sign in under the other account(s) to download those items. Learned that the hard way…