DLC's for TPS that you would've liked to see

I know that we won’t get any more DLC’s for TPS sadly, but I thought that we could share some ideas here about what kind of DLC’s that you guys would’ve liked to see.

Personally, I find Concordia really interesting and nice, but I was rather dissapointed about how small the actual area was, which was not reflected on the posters of Concordia, which you can find all over Elpis. On the posters, Concordia is a lot bigger which led me too believe that our “home base” in Concordia is just the upper part of the city, and thus a DLC that I would have loved to see is a DLC revolved around the slums and the space ports of Concordia.

Storywise, it wouldn’t need to be Hyperion-related at all. Lets say that we there is someone in a bar in the slums, who offers us a job, which would lead us to take down a local gang in the slums and then maybe get to board a ship just as it’s about to depart from Concordia and actually get to overpower the ship’s crew while in space.

The story could obviously be tailored better for different purposes, but I do believe that a DLC about the slums of Concordia could’ve been really awesome.

Anything in particular that you guys would’ve loved to be implemented as a story-DLC in TPS?

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The events that led to the Fall of New Haven, or even a “return” to Dragon Keep

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Of course, a lot of people want the Fall of New Haven. I’d want it as well. However gearbox progressed TPS in such a way that I don’t think they could add it, without it making any sense at all.


It could be told through Bunkers and Badasses
Gameplay and story wise there were six Vault Hunters all throughout the events of the Pre-Sequel and before the destruction of the ClapTraps
I’m sure ClapTrap himself would be like “Athena, put me in the story too!” Despite him not being there. It could probably give some insight on where “Jack” the Doppelgänger ends up as well


That was a really cool idea. I never thought of it like that. Then yes it could very well work.

Something explaining the origins of cryo and laser guns. I love my cryo stuff.