Dlcs not appearing on Xbox 360

When I click on downloadable content the dlcs and the season pass don’t appear. I have bought the season pass and downloaded all the documents becides the captain Scarlet dlc

I purchased the Borderlands 2 Season Pass March 2013 now it prompts me to re-download it and the items with it. I have done so 5 times and yet it still not allowing me to ply the 4 Downloadable areas I have checked the Xbox Market Place and it shows that I o indeed have them. I contact Xbox support and the told me to contact your support so as they were unable to refund the purchase.

Same thing as above basically:
Had to fix that compatibility pack loop, so I saved my season pass and characters to a flash drive before deleting the game from my hard drive, and then re-installing it and the Ultimate Compatibility Pack. Now I have moved my characters back and the season pass, however I am not seeing many of the Add-On’s in the in game store that would allow me to re-download them without being charged again. They are in the Xbox store under Borderlands 2 Add-On’s but I would be charged for them again. Please help.

So is this literally just ignored by Gearbox?

I’ve returned to the game since I never played Tiny Tina’s DLC. I have the Season Pass and all 3 DLC in the pass before Tiny Tina’s.

But the DLC don’t list properly when I select “Downloadable Content” from the main menu. Sometimes it pops up that it “Cannot enumerate…” Other times it only returns some of the DLC that is available, and not all of it.

And when it returns almost all of it, including Tiny Tina’s, it says I have to buy it. It doesn’t recognize that I have the Season Pass installed.

Have there been any updates on this? My friend and I are having the exact same issue. None of the dlcs are showing on the in-game download list, but on the rare chance they pop up, it wants us to pay for them.

We need a fix for this. We can’t play the content we paid for!

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Did the same thing to me sometimes I can get it to load and then when I go to download it it says cannot verify payment try using Microsoft bucks next time text me back to the screen even though I have Microsoft bucks and then the next time it doesn’t show up sometimes it only shows two things and both of them I don’t know I’ve written contacts and open to tickets and they have no way I even called Xbox and went through all the trouble shooting there so they must just ignore it and get away with it

I am not sure exactly what you mean by “Microsoft bucks”. I assume you are referring to Microsoft points. Microsoft officially stopped supporting Microsoft points in an Xbox 360 System Update released 08/26/2013. Any outstanding Microsoft points you had at that time should have been automatically converted to the Currency for your region of the world. The Converted currency expired on 06/01/2015. If you lived in the US (for example), your outstanding Microsoft points should have automatically been converted to US Dollars.

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I meant cash and I currently have like $30 when I log into Microsoft it tells me that’s my balance and I just put that on there through Xbox Live

  • List item besides that’s not the issue I paid 4 month of Xbox Live so that I could play the game and see if I liked it with the new expansions that came with the season pass now I’m wasting my Xbox Live because I can’t download it it will not appear on the menu and then when it does it tells me it can’t verify my payment but it’s a free download so there is no verification for payment and it also says next time try spending Microsoft boxer dollars or whatever it is to purchase it but it doesn’t give me the option to do that it just boots me back to the main screen and wants me to wait another 5 minutes to reload the list that doesn’t have anything on it I need right now

That is exactly what I said I’m so glad I’m not the only one that’s having the exact same problem as I am thank you for posting

Yeah somebody owes us a free month of Xbox Live

I am having the same issue as maidenrocks99 and jdavie. Currently the Borderlands 2 Season Pass is on offer at a lower price on the Xbox Live Marketplace (24th May 2016 until 30th May 2016) which means more people could be buying it and experiencing the same issues. I had a search around on the Xbox forums to see if anyone was experiencing the same issues but could only find one post from June 2015, that means this problem has been ongoing for a year without anyone at Gearbox looking into it (as far as we know). Any information on how we can recieve the content for which we have already paid for would be a great help.

Thank you for your time.

I just spent an hour and a half in Microsoft’s XBox Support Chat trying to figure this out. I was basically told at the end of all that that it’s an issue with the game maker and that I need to contact them. I was able to get a refund (they acted like they were doing me a huge favor, not like I was sold something that didn’t work) but I want that pass and it’s contents to work. I could only get the Tiny Tina and the level cap increase pack to show up in the DLC list in the game (after trying like 20 times in a row to reload the list) and it was asking me to purchase them like I didn’t even have the season pass. How is this still an issue? This is a 4 year old game. This is unacceptable.

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Hey I would try to send you a PM, but this forum doesn’t have those – or I can’t find a button to send one. I hope you’re still around the forums checking here because I’m having the same issue. I was going to ask you step by step on how you got your refund if you can remember? I’ve had the same exact problem and I’m pretty pissed off that I spent 2 hours of my time reloading the DLC page.

To send a PM, either click on the person’s avatar to pull up their card and use the Message button on it, or click on the Flag icon below their post and choose the “I want to send this persona private message” option (the first one).

Paging @JoeKGBX: sorry to bug you again today, but I thought this issue had been sorted out months ago - seems like it’s back again. Could you please nudge the appropriate folks to look into this?

No worries, VH! I’ll check into this first thing in the morning.

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That might explain why @jcouncillor (who is a new user) could not send a PM. But, judging by the links you provided reaching trust level 1 isn’t too difficult.

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If anyone here is looking for help for downloading the DLC from the seasons pass, you can go in-game and go to a quick travel station and download the packages from there. You can also start the download and cancel for each, go to your account settings and download history and resume downloading the DLC.

As for the Upgrade Pack 1, hopefully you will get lucky for it to show up when enumerated in the title screen DLC page.

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