DLCs not Leveling up to 69?

So I have gotten to level 69 with Mordecai, and jumped into the armory dlc. All of the enemies are level 50, and so is the gear. Is there any way to fix this so they all level up? I want to do the armory glitch so I can get all of the best gear, but if it all stays level 50…that’s not going to work.

To get DLC3 to level with you, you have to beat the story mission once. That involves killing the final boss, and going through the armory normally.
Then you’ll get credits roll, and the DLC will level up to you.

After that you have to do a mobbing mission for Marcus and get the first of two identical armory looting missions, the ones we use to Farmory.

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You have to defeat the story the first time taking down knoxx. Once then everything scales.