DLCs Not Recognized on Series X

Everything was working fine the first time I was playing.

When I started the game a second time it appears the some DLCs are not available to my characters. Moze isn’t allowed any so most of her guns are red. Zane can use DLC2 guns. Amara and Fl4k have similar issues.
Says DLCs not installed on main screen but they are. I’ve even tried reinstalling.


I seen the other thread on this and will try uninstalling the new skins.

The new skins packs seem to be the issue. Uninstalling should help you for now until fixed.

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Unforgivable. But at least the items are working for me now.

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Is it just the four new final form skins? I did that and most of my stuff now works except the weapons from guns love and tentacles?? Any other ideas?

I honestly don’t remember if I even have any DLC2 items that I use. I don’t know if I do, so I never noticed it.

But yes, once I removed those 4 skins, I had access to the DLCs starter quests and the items. If you have fast internet, maybe you can reinstall DLC2.

I’d also restarted the console just to be sure. I’m on Xbox Series X (XSX).