DLCS should be free not PAY TO WIN

Its not…

I wish it was. But its not.

In a voluntary exchange economy nothing you buy can be overpriced. For example if I go to an NFL game and buy a bottle of beer for 7 dollars that I can get for one dollar at the liquor store the beer is not overpriced. The moment I paid for it I decided it was worth it to me at that price. I can say what a rip off but I decided to buy it therefore to me it wasn’t overpriced. No gun to my head to buy the beer no gun to my head to buy BL3 DLC. If you don’t believe it is worth the money don’t buy it.

As consumers of course we want everything to be cheap as possible and ideally free. But if you feel the DLC is overpriced you simply don’t buy it. Many people won’t buy it. Some would buy it if it was double what it is.

It’s not a generation thing. I’m in my mid 30’s and have been gaming since I was 5. If anything current younger gamers have no idea how good they have it. The price of games hasn’t gone up in forever and games have only increased in the amount of content available. People are putting 1000’s of hours in some games which would have been unheard of when I was younger for the most part. That’s an insane value for your dollar.


I find it very hard to believe they charged you full price, gave you the basic edition, didn’t suggest that they’d at least refund the difference, put up with arguing in the store for 3 full hours then you either didn’t tell the cops your side of things OR you did and they still dragged you away after you showed them gamestop was in the wrong. This either didn’t happen or there is more to it.

Its in the works of being handled but its such a shame this was even a issue to start with.

Were you explaining the situation in a calm rational manner? I would find it incredibly unlikely that an employee would do this unless he went nuts over someone’s behavior. And you would have easily been able to explain the situation to the cop or ask to speak to a higher up to rectify this situation from GameStop’s end.

If the cops were called then someone was way out of line. Either way I’m not spending a bunch of time on the story as I wasn’t there. Complaining about something that happened months ago on a forum seems odd to me as is blaming the developer for something that involves a store.

The cops were i live dont give a s… T as long as they get payed.

Please don’t lock it I sense another twist this could get better.


Its in the works. They did fire the manger but as far as my lost $ goes wont get it back till 2021

Did they say you’d get your money back in 2021?

No but based on the legal sistym i know it will be a year or 2.

I’m now 95% sure you’ve been trolling this entire time and you’re just seeing how long you can stretch this out now and honestly you’ve done a really good job of it to this point.


Beelive what you want child but its no lie maybe dont call someone a liar you dont know im sorry but the only troll here is you.

No that’s not what happened. GameStop is a huge company. They didn’t decide to fire a manager because of his behavior and then decide not to give you a simple refund for the 40 or whatever dollars if they determined you were correct. They would give you the money and move on. It would not be worth it to them to have some legal process over a trivial issue such as this.

They would rather wait until 2021 than make it right when they realized the error which apparently cost someone a job? Nope.

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I never called you a liar, honestly I respect the effort you’re putting into this. As someone who enjoys a good twitter troll I commend you.


Not a troll but what ever man or mam.

And no there giveing a refund just gonna be a while anyways the sand man awaits

Could you just, I mean maybe, possibly kind of… wait till the DLC drops before you raise hell?


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