DLCS should be free not PAY TO WIN

This is what I love about the internet lol.


That first post is so full of goodness.

It has the misspellings, the grammar screw-ups and punctuation goofs, the caps-lock, the rage and dementia… seriously, it is all there. This should be stickied… post of the year.


You are missing the Commander Lilith DLC for Bl2 that launched this year. It was free for a limited time then went to pay. The Wiki states:

It was available to all owners of Borderlands 2 free of charge from its release date until July 8, 2019, where it gained a price point of US$14.99 for future purchase.

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just be happy that micro transactions aren’t a thing in this game. I would much rather buy a single dlc and get all the content then be nickle and dimed to death for all the cool things and get a generic experience for free. that is a gaming trend I do not support, it’s the reason I left destiny 2 and haven’t touched it since going free to play.

Probably worth mentioning that was released seven years after the initial game as a promotion for the upcoming BL3 sequel… lol

GEARBOX has done Aurelia wrong

Nah, I hate to say, but this one has it beat by in a number of areas.

If you think the pricing here is unfair, you should check out Destiny 2 Shadowkeep as paid for content is actually removed from the game as the 3 Monthly season cycle advances.

Destiny 2 is run by philp j fry. and bethesdia is ran by homer simpson. But ive always loved borderlands but heres the issue. The new team doesnt know what there doing i man they nerf any good gear…are we sure that petter griffen isnt runing things?

Yeah, that one’s not bad… this one also gets major points because it was his first post. He just drops in from out of nowhere and boom… very dramatic.

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OK you’re definitely trolling at this point lol.

Fact: the dlc should be free.
Fact: character upgrades should be free.
Fact: the game should be free.
Fact: I should be paid to play it.
Fact: Unlike now my wife should be turned on by the fact I play it.

I don’t see what you’re struggling with here…my arguments are ironclad.


Even the poster on the wall in sanctuary to the left of Moxxi’s errrr entrance :flushed: Simply states that purchase will be required from the Playstation Store (In my case)

Having it read “Included in season pass” would have erased any doubt.

Let me put this way it would be like going to mc donalds and pay 50$ for a burger ? No that would be f.kin stupid. Same applys here and i do have a pre order i paid 100 for my super delux…only issue. THEY FUKIN GAVE ME THE NORMAL PO. I STAYED for 3 hrs demanding it be rectfied. But nope they kept sayin were out i called gearbox…they said ‘‘were sorry this happened but we cant do anything about that’’ THEY GAVE ME A BS STORY and i kept trying till fianly. They blocked my number…the new team. =lying sacks of sh…t

Where did you buy the game from?

If you bought the super deluxe you own the dlc already. It’s just showing you can buy it because licence isn’t uploaded yet, it’s patched in but not live.

Gamestop its all we had near my home

did you get a refund?

If you paid for something you didn’t receive, then your beef is with Gamestop and they were wrong to point you to Gearbox as they have given you the wrong license.

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It’s not gearbox fault gamestop ripped you off. If they ran out of copies at a bare minimum they needed to refund the difference in editions

They pulled a dirty trick when i tryed the manger took a pen a cut a hole in the wraping and said ‘‘we dont refund opend games’’. Thats why i was there for 3 hrs…