DM tree questions

Means of Destruction: is it working? I have read that it was broken but I haven’t ever used this tree. Is it still broken or is it working now?

IB passives: do IB passives like Stainless Steel Bear, Security Bear and Deadlines have any bearing on Auto Bear duration, armor or damage? I’m especially curious about Specialist Bear (+25% damage with same weapons).

Vampyre: is it working properly? I have read that it was bugged or maybe not working as expected or something. Is this skill working properly? Do all nades trigger this effect or are there caveats? I typically use the Ghast Call.

Splash damage: what constitutes splash damage exactly? Is it all nades? I assume weapons with explosive damage also count but what about elemental damage or does it explicitly have to state “splash damage” for it to be splash damage?

Pull the Holy Pin: can anyone explain WTF the second part of that skill means? It says “Sources of crit hit damage do not affect grenade crit hits”. Huh? Maybe I’m dumb but I have no idea WTF that means.

Auto Bear: does it pull/hold aggro like a pet? Does it have health/shield/armor that could be destroyed causing it to die before it’s duration or is the duration a set thing regardless of incoming damage?

It means grenade crits always get an x2 modifier and it won’t chamge. If you get a crit boost through gear, skills or GR it won’t effect the grenade crit damage.

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OK, that makes more sense. I guess I didn’t know what they meant by “sources”. I nominate you for the job of skill descriptions for GB.

Means of Destruction: Sure looks like it, but it can feel as though the proccs are lower than advertised. But that’s just how RNG works… I’d say it’s fine. It most definitely proccs most times with a Flakker shot.

IB Passives: All seem to apply to the Auto-Bear, except for Fuel, as the Auto-Bear is locked to a 15 second duration (unless you use the Rocketeer COM). You notice the passives working as the Auto-Bear procs Vampyr on itself when it deals splash damage. Very handy, very cool.

Vampyr: Yeah seems to be fine. I run a Spring Epicenter and full heal myself on direct contact and get occaisonal healing from Storm Fronts/Hexes, I think the beams might not count.

Splash damage is just anything with an area of effect damage (I think).

Pull the Holy Pin’s been answered, just has a chance to double your grenade damage, no more than that.

Auto Bear: Kinda. From my experience it does aggro enemies, but I also draw aggro when I do minor things.

Hope this helps and I was clear.

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