Dmg cap on Salvador!?

So one day i was playing my lvl 61 Salvador and i decided to kill Pyro pete the invincible.
I used pimpernel/nukem glitch and also flakker/nukem glitch and a torgue alligence relic with 70% bonus to magzine size as also Chaotic neutral monk com for 11/5 for money shot also spec. Into no kill like overkill. I kill spiderants with flakker/nukem glitch swap to a pimpernel and 2 shot pete and reach dmg cap at lvl 61. And i was really suprised cause i know krieg can chain bloodsplosion and kill pete. But reaching dmg cap at lvl 61 is du#b. You can also kill terramorphous like this without “no kill like overkill”. Salvador is broken as sin i’ve seen speed kills but this is a whole new level. Havent tried on op8 though.

Could you do a vid?

I wouldn’t mind seeing it as I’ve only seen Krieg ones.

At level 61 I’d say that’s entirely possible although to drop him in two shots is indeed surprising. At OP8, you might hit visual damage cap, but it would take far more than 2 shots to finish Pete.

I’ve done plenty of OP8 Vorac and Terra kills with Durp/Creamer, Pimp and NKLO but I’ve never bothered to see the damage numbers. With Vorac for example, kill a savage or two and NKLO will kick up to its maximum ( apparently x5 damage ) and Vorac will drop by the time it expires.


With a well-timed NKLO you can probably kill Pete in 2 shots yeah, I can believe that.

Don’t forget that enemy health scales just like gun damage does. doing that at level 61 shouldn’t be easier or harder than at level 72.

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